Why Do We Follow Rules, For Equality

Today we are going to discuss a touchy subject.


The first thing we will need to do is some defining so we will all be on the same page to at least start with. We may not all agree in the end but that is alright.

We will need to decide what is a rule. According to the sources I read and for this article a rule is also considered a law. Under the eyes of the law everyone is considered equal so we will answer the question of why do we follow rules?


To Show Respect

It’s always a good idea to show respect. But what does showing respect truly mean? Oh Elaine, I know this one, let me answer “If you have respect for something that means you will do anything you are asked”. Well not anything because you aren’t a doormat.


What I mean by that is you should have respect for something because you have a high or special regard for it. It’s an act of giving particular attention. If a person, for example refuses to show you respect then I would first point this out, and if they still refuse, then just kindly walk away. No need to stay and get into an argument with them because now you have lowered yourself to their level.


My mama always told me that the only way to gain respect is to give respect. That is one piece of advice that I have always found very helpful. I don’t hold it over peoples heads but is something I keep inside of my head.


Our next point will be, how to be a helpful Henry.


Helpful Henry


I bet you are wondering how in the world are we helpful to others? Well that is a very good question that you have asked and one I hope I can answer to your satisfaction.


Let’s start by me telling you about a day, a typical day. You get up in the morning to take a shower. Do you like water with your shower? I hope so. Well, in order to receive that water you needed to have paid your water bill plus are the water people happy at their job early in the morning?


Now you get in your car to drive to work. You need to follow all the traffic laws to keep from getting in an accident. This will also help keep others safe. You now have 2 helpful Henry points!


When you get to work everything is in array!! You can help fix that because the senior worker is not being shown respect. You are on your way to earning another helpful Henry point!


By the time the day is over you have got at least 5-6 helpful Henry points just by helping others out. WAY TO GO!!

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Next we will talk about how when we follow the rules, we automatically bring ORDER to a chaotic life.




Where do I start with this one? Like I stated above without order, life would be chaotic!!


There are laws in place for a reason. Man couldn’t live without some kind of structure. I couldn’t even write this article without a design or platform.


Cars shouldn’t drive on streets without obeying traffic laws. And when they are not followed an accident is very possible.


Many children can’t attend schools these days without wearing uniforms. This helps a child so they aren’t focused on what everybody is wearing. It is also beneficial to a child who is financially disadvantaged because they won’t have to feel inferior to their other class mates because they will all be wearing the same attire.


You probably have rules in your classroom at school. Just think what it would be like without any rules. I know one that is in all most any class “raise your hand to ask permission to leave”. Just think if people just got up and left whenever they felt like it. You would have a VERY chaotic classroom.


Now let’s talk about rules at work. Do they exist? You bet they do. For all you younger people that are reading this, the rules don’t stop when you get out of school. Even in the work environment you have rules. For example if you want to get paid then you must clock in.


Now for the last topic, following the rules leads to a safe environment.

A Safe Environment


Everybody wants a safe environment, they need to be in a comfortable place where they know what will happen, or at least should happen. No one likes to be in the middle of chaos.


A safe environment means following the rules, be them at work, home, or at school. There are even rules we need to obey when we are out in public to help keep everyone safe. What do I mean by this? Well let me give you a few examples of each.


At work, we all have a boss we have to listen to. That boss will give us instructions about how we should conduct ourselves in our daily task. Let me ask you a question? If you decided to NOT listen to your boss, how long do you think you would keep your job? Another safety rule you have at work is clean up after yourself. Now, I know this may sound strange but you need to stop and think about it for a minute. If no one cleaned up, then the work area would be a mess and STINK!!!


At home, you need to be sure all medicines are out of reach of little hands that may see them as candy. You will also need to keep the detergent pods you use for laundry on a high shelf for a similar reason. Lastly, you need to make sure the inside of your house is well-lit so others can see the pathway clearly.


At school kids have rules to follow as well. They have no running in the halls because they could bump into each other and hurt themselves or someone else. They also have keep all hands, feet, and other objects to yourselves for similar reasons. And most importantly don’t share food. This is a rule that may sound strange but it’s there for a very good reason. Why? Because you never know if the other person is sick or not, plus allergies to food are a big deal these days.


The last thing I want to talk about are rules out in public that are meant to keep you and others safe. For instance, when you go to the grocery store your children should always be within your sight. Children should use the “buddy” system whenever possible.




Now I want to summarize what we have talked about in this article. We talked about how To Show Respect, being a Helpful Henry, Order…Order, and A Safe Place. I would like to summarize a few points from each in a graph below.


To Show Respect

  • High regard
  • Not a doormat
  • Don’t get in an argument
  • Gain respect by giving respect


Helpful Henry

  • Typical day
  • Shower/water
  • Traffic
  • No respect



  • Laws in place for a reason
  • Cars must obey traffic laws
  • Rules at school
  • Clock out to get paid


A Safe Place

  • Listen to your boss
  • Light the inside of your homes
  • Don’t share food
  • There are rules to follow even in public



So I hope you have found some interesting information in this touchy article. I have enjoyed researching this for you. Remember a rule is the same as a law and in the eyes of the law everyone is considered equal.

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If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All the Best,


Elaine Smith




  1. Hi
    This is a great article about respect, which is something that is very close to being completely obsolete in modern society. And there is actually no way for it to return because on the whole the generation of now was not taught the value of respect so that they have no idea how to teach respect to their children.

    Among other things, a couple of the root causes of the absence of respect in today’s society is first the takeover by Hollywood and next by parents turning their children over to everything electronic.

    Between the two they have given us the false premise that is trying to take over the world “we are all equal”! We aren’t all equal, and we can not all have what we desire. To think you can legislate everyone having equal shares of everything is what is and continues to be the downfall of all morality, and the downfall of morality is a terrible thing to the world in general.

    • Hi Mike,

      I agree with you 100%.

      I remember when I was growing up I was only allow to be in the house to be my homework right after school then was expected to spend the rest of the time outside playing.

      Parents would sit on the front porch in the evening and Mrs. Jones would correct you if she saw you get out of line. then when you got home, Mom and Dad would also correct you because Mrs. Jones would have called them to report what she had seen. There was none of this I did nothing that kids do today.

      My granddaughter was watching a U tube video she had been told by her mother not to watch so her mother took away the phone. You would have thought my daughter had killed my granddaughter. These kids nowadays are just out of control. And it is only getting worse!! I agree with you!!


  2. You are right. Without some sort of structure for people, there would be complete chaos. We do need some rules and some laws, that’s for sure.

    However, in modern times this law making has really gone overboard in my opinion, to the point where each and every day we’re being told there is something else we are no longer allowed to do. Along with that, we are also being told that we can not have a difference of opinion (or our own opinion) anymore.

    Everything you say in your post is true, it’s just unfortunate that society is going overboard with the control thing nowadays.

    • Hi Darren,

      I agree with you that on something they are tending to go overboard but I feel it is because the people aren’t listening to begin with. No means No and if the people won’t listen to that then they will receive stricter rules. After all this is the correct way to discipline a child.

      Tried and true


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