What Is Vibrant Media?

Company Name- Vibrant Media

  • Company Name:Vibrant Media
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business:Founded 2000
  • Product Effectiveness: contextual marketing
  • Support: worldwide
  • Price: free to sign up
  • My overall Ranking: 9 out of 10

What Are They All About

I would love to tell you who Vibrant Media is all about. I got this off their website they are the leaders in contextual marketing.

You are probably saying ” OK, that is good but what does that mean? Elaine”.

Well, let me tell you what Wikipedia has to say. When you look up contextual marketing it says it can’t be found but I did look at marketing and then scroll down to advertising.This didn’t seem to help at all.

So I went to the dictionary to lookup the definition of contextual. This was very helpful and explained a lot. Simply put, they help create ads that are relevant to the content. These ads are created based on keywords found within your content. What a novel idea!!! You see when you write an article then Vibrant Media will take the keywords and create an ad that is specifically designed for you and your article. In other words, it will make your article really stand out!!

So now we will we will take a close look at what a publisher and an advertiser do. First, what does an advertiser do and then what do they do at Vibrant Media.


What’s An Advertiser Do

According to the dictionary an advertiser is a person or company that advertises a product, service, or event. They will draw an ad that will entice their audience to interact (buy, think, or do something) in a certain way. This should create trust within the audience.

Within Vibrant Media, advertisers work in a very similar fashion and they have 2 different platforms to build their brand in.

InArticle- this is an ad that is highly descriptive and you can see it right in the middle of the article you are reading. This increases the relevance of the brand and makes it flow more seamlessly.

InImage- this is an relevant ad beside a text ad and the article. This also will flow very seamlessly and smoothly.

Now we will talk about what a publisher is and does for Vibrant Media.


What’s A Publisher Do

It is free to sign up as a publisher with Vibrant Media. On their website is a simple sign up form to which I have included a link here. Sign Up Today


Let me tell you some of the benefits they offer to publishers. They have several types of ads and you can control the number that are on each page plus where they are located. The publisher can also choose to block which ever ad they want. For instance, if they only want their ad to appear certain pages then they can do that. Or they can limit the placement on the page such as only at the top.

Another advantage, you can block unwanted advertisers. What I mean by this is if you have a site that deals with flowers, you can refuse to deal auto dealers. This gives you the chance to make your ad personal and your own.

They do have a program called SafeServe that will help keep any content that is unwanted or against the rules from appearing on your screen. You can monitor all your activity via their comprehensive dashboard!

Now we will talk about who they represent!!

Who Do They Represent

This is a list of a few of companies they represent

  • Snackmedia
  • Blogher
  • Fox
  • CBSLocal
  • Axel Springer
  • IXL
  • IDG
  • Sofemine
  • SheKnows
  • IB InternetBrands
  • Amazon.com Prime
  • Microsoft
  • Ford
  • Emc2
  • American Express
  • Air New Zealand
  • Uniler
  • Epson
  • IBM
  • Chevrolet

Now we will talk about there many different types of support.

Is There Support

This is an example of the kind of support you can expect to receive from this company. Since they are worldwide here are the many different ways you can reach them. They have offices located all over the world!



   NEW YORK                                        SAN FRANCISCO

Vibrant Media Inc                              Vibrant Media Inc

524 Broadway 9th floor                    650 California Street     
New York, NY 10012                         San Francisco, CA 94108

T:+1 646 312 6100                             T:+1 415 321 6060


LOS ANGELES                                  CHICAGO

Vibrant Media Inc.                          Vibrant Media Inc.

Boulevard, Suite 501                       20 West Kinzie Street

Los Angeles, CA                               Chicago,Il 60654

T: +1 424 268 9000                        T: +1 312 291 9835


LONDON,UK                                    HAMBURG

Vibrant Media Ltd.                          Vibrant Media GmbH

33 Queen St.                                      Never Wall 59

London EC 4R 1BR                          20354 Hamburg

T: +44(0)207  074 0000                T: +49 380 8190


MUNCHEN                                       DUSSELDORF     

Vibrant Media GmbH                     Vibrant Media GmbH

MullerstraBe 39                               Nev Zollhof 3

80469 Munchen                              40221 Dusseldorf

T: +49(0) 89 262 089 032            T: +49(0)211 424 759



Or you can contact them this way. Not only can they be contacted in their offices but by email and by phone. I have listed both of those options  below but it will depend on where you are located as to which number you will use. I have all the numbers I could find for you to choose from. Also are listed any available emails I could find I found a global contact person that has both a phone and an email. She seems to represent all the countries, hence the title “global”.

Business Development

        USA                                                                        UK

T:+ 646 312 6180                                         T:+44(0)207 074 0000

usa-bd@vibrantmedia.com                      uk-bd@vibrantmedia.com

GERMANY                                                             FRANCE

T:+49 40 380 819 0                                       T:+44(0)20 7074 0106

F:+49 40 492 190 66                                     france@vibrantmedia.com




USA-EAST                                                   USA-WEST                                                           EUROPE

T:+1 646 312 6199                                        T:+1 415 694 6102                                        T:+44(0)207 074 0000

usa-sales@vibrantmedia.com               usa-sales@vibrantmedia.com                     saleseuropre@vibrantmedia.com




USA                                                                                                             EUROPE

T:+1 646 600 7000                                                                               T:+44(0)207 074 0000

intellitxtsupport@vibrantmedia.com                                               intellitxtsupport@vibrantmedia.com


Helen Mussard

T:+44 207 074 0144



Now we will discuss the bottom dollar. That is always my Biggest concern.

What’s The Price

Like I said earlier in this review, it is FREE for publishers. Yes,
you heard me right. It’s FREE. So in my opinion, what does it hurt to
sign up. You don’t lose any money and when people click on your ads you
will make money so it’s a win-win situation. Here is the link to sign
up. Sign Up Today.



Okay, Let’s Sum Up

We have talk about the following categorizes today in this article

What Are They All About

  • Contextual Marketing
  • Keywords

What’s An Advertiser

  • Do Draw an ad
  • 2 Platforms

What’s A Publisher Do

  • Free to sign up
  • They have control

Who Do They Represent

  • Amazon.com Prime
  • Microsoft

Is There Support

  • Worldwide
  • Even e-mail

What’s The Price

  • Free for publishers
  • Sign up today



If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.

Elaine Smith



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  1. Very cool lead Elaine, thank you for this information. Perhaps it will help me with my articles and expand on what they can do. That is awesome and you can’t beat the price either, what a great idea. Again thank you for this lead.

    • Thanks Xavier,
      It was an interesting company to research. They had some really cool products I enjoyed reviewing. I signed up as a publisher myself and would encourage anyone else to do the same.

  2. Hello Elaine,
    Thanks for this article. I have never heard of Vibrant Media before. It certainly is interesting what they do and how they do it. It is indeed a novel idea. Have you worked with them much? Are you compensated when they use your website? Just curious.

    • Hey Michelle,
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post.
      Fist offI would like to answer your question about the compensation. Yes they do compensate you a little but I would like to do it mostly just for the recognition and experience.
      So no I haven’t had a chance to to work with them yet but since I just reviewed them I would be happy to try them out. In fact when I’m able to get to work on my website in November I was going to check them out first thing.
      Thanks again for all your help and support!

      Tried and True


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