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Company Name-Overview & Ranking

  • Company Name: SwagBucks  
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business:2008
  • Product Effectiveness: Loyalty Program
  • Support: Prodege,LLC
  • Price:free to join
  • My overall Ranking: 9 out of 10



SwagBuck search engine that is owned by Prodege, LLC. This is a ShopAtHome company which handles millions of brands that give you rewards as you surf the site. The more you are on the site then the more you will make.

To use SwagBucks you can either download the Swag tool bar or browse the web with it. You can you use it as your browser instead of Google, Yahoo or whatever you choose to use.

If you, download the Swag tool bar this will automatically keep track of your Swag points.

With your SwagBuck you can earn anything from gift cards to prizes to cash in the form of PayPal to shopping sprees.
Now we will talk about the different way you can earn with SwagBucks.

Ways To Earn  

When you choose to work with SwagBucks you can earn in many different ways. Let me list in detail some many ways you can earn from them.

1. Fill out surveys– One of the ways is by filling out surveys. The survey state how long they will take and how many SwagBucks you will receive if you finish the survey. Just a note here: you might want to set a timer of how long you want to spend taking survey or before you know it the day will be over. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience here!
I recommend it to any person who wants to take surveys.


2. Fill out special offers– SwagBucks has many ways to help you save money on a daily basis. They have coupons that will earn you 10 SB’s or 10 cents. Plus they have many other discounts, just check the website because they change often.


3. Shop- This is similar to what many people think of as an affiliate program but I want to explain how it’s not. SwagBucks will reward you when you shop through their site. The difference between them and an affiliate program is that SwagBucks gives you a share of the commission.

For example, if you were going to buy something at Amazon. Then if you go through SwagBucks, you would get 4 SB for every dollar you spend at Amazon. That’s because Amazon has a deal with SwagBucks.

But they aren’t the only ones, there is also Walmart, Macy’s, JCPenny’s and Target just to name a few. To get a complete list go to the website.

If you, just add the Swag Button installed and then you will be told about a chance to earn SBs points when you are visiting a site.


4. Play video games– another way is for anyone who is an internet gamer. I have a question for you. Do you love to play Deal or No Deal, war games or any game on the computer? Would you like to get paid for playing games? Well you won’t get rich doing this either but it beats just sitting there doing nothing. You can SB’s according to their stated rules on the website.


5. Watch videos- another way is to watch videos. You won’t get rich doing this either because they will limit you to 150 SB’s a day. The videos do come in all sorts of different group such as entertainment, fitness, and news.


On way is to watch the videos on your computer or you can download the SwagBucks TV app. This way you can play the videos on your phone.



Cashing In   

When you get ready to cash in your SB points you will have a few opinions because SwagBucks pays in either gift cards or PayPal. One of the most popular gift cards seems to be Amazon. Not to sure why because personally I would like Walmart but to each there one. Some people like PayPal because it’s like getting cash you can use anywhere.

When you receive you card of choice, you will get about $1 for every 1oo SB that you have. Keep watch on the website count because if a card goes on sale sometime you can get a better deal, and who doesn’t like a good deal.

When you cash out your points for a card, you don’t really get that card that day but you will in about 10 days.


The Why  

One thing really great about this company is that they want to keep thing on the up and up. When other companies are what I would call shady SwagBucks will let you know exactly where you stand. They will not take advantage of you or sell you personal information.

Anyone who has ever taken a survey knows that many people will be turned away or disqualified for one reason or another. But at SwagBucks you are stilled payed one SB the first 5 times you are disqualified in a given day. This does give them an advantage over other sites.

Another plus, is that this site is mobile friendly on both Android and Apple phones. Not only that, there setup and design has made them a favorite.



By all reports they have excellent support. These are the ways they can be contacted, through email or by blog. I will give you a few screenshots of an example complete support ticket that has all the detailed information so support can help you.

I hope these images will help you see how easy it is to contact them. They respond very quickly when you leave them a very detailed explanation of your difficulty.



What’s The Value

Like I have stated previously it is FREE to join but there are so many benefits to this.

Another plus, is just for joining you get a $10 sign up bonus, which is a pretty sweet deal!!

When we talk about the price, are we talking about the price of the program or of your time and

investment. Your time is worth a lot in my books.


The Wind Up

Here is a summary of what we have talked about in this article


Ways To Earn

Cash In

  • Get gift cards or PayPal
  • SB=$1

The Why


  •  Excellent
  • Detailed ticket

What’s The Value

  • Free to join
  • $10 sign up bonus



If you, have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


Elaine Smith




  1. Its great that you can have x5 different ways to win. I really like that. I like that you can get credits (SB) just by shopping with Amazon and doing other things that you would have done anyway. As an Amazon affiliate, I don’t think I get any credit (commission) for buying products on Amazon but it’s great to have a credible plan b in SwagBucks. This sounds like a great little system. Is it only for people in the USA or can international people join? Also what is the payout like for international customers?

    • Hi,
      I thought it was a great idea myself
      I’m sorry I left this out of my review but to answer your question Swagbucks is offered in the US, Ireland, France, Germany, Australia, New Zealand, India, Canada, Spain, Portugal, and United Kingdom.
      Thank you for asking that question
      For your 2nd question the point system is a little different in every country due to the rules and regulations. All you need to do is check the Facebook page for your country and this will give you the earning options. These Facebook pages are country are county specific so you will all the information you are looking for.
      Thanks for asking that question also.


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