Scams That Can Be Found Online


I have been asked this question many times. Elaine, “Is online income a scam“?

Well I can answer this in many ways. It can be a scam if it falls under one of these categories but there are legit programs out there.

On my website I have written articles about legit companies that can be found online but today I would like to talk about the scams that can be found. Below are listed the 4 major categories for scams.



Pay up Front

This is my favorite scam. That didn’t come out right or sound good. This is a scam I have fallen victim to a lot. Sounds better!!  Now I live on a very limited budget and I have a difficult time learning lessons.

This is where you have to pay to “join” their program. You either have to pay a little or a lot. Personally I have done both. (Oh, that looks so bad when it is in writing)

For instance pay $16.00 to “join” ******** program This may not sound too bad except you got into this to make money and so far all you have done is spent.

Then you get into the program and find out there are $35 monthly dues you are required to pay each month. Now your $16.00 isn’t looking like a small drop in the bucket. Well that opinion is a little better than this. (Keep reading)

Here is a program with a $5.00 pay up front but there is a little catch, and to find this, you may have to read the small print, there is a starter kit you must purchase. The starter kits can run anywhere from $150.00-$400.00. Unfortunately you need to host parties to “sell” the products in the kit. And there wasn’t much training on how to do this. “Well, I guess I will just figure this out. It can’t be too hard to have people over to my house to “sell” them the products. “hahaha”” The problem is that since no-one showed up  you are now stuck with all those products that you bought. That’s a lot of mula you have just wasted.



Multilevel approach

In other words, you pay a very low price to get started. But in 7 days you must upgrade by $50, then buy more products. Then you turn around and you have to upgrade again or you will be out. This is getting ridiculous!!!

Every time you turn around the company is asking you to buy products, pay monthly dues, or to upgrade your plan.

First they ask you to start at one level and “sell” to friend and family which can not always be comfortable. When you “sell” enough products then you move up to another level. At this level you will gain more responsibility plus more income.

This pyramid or triangle will continue as you move up the ladder.



Sounds too good to be true

This is simple and sorta speaks for itself. If it sounds too good to be true, well then chances are it is. You have probably all received that letter telling you how you can just stuff some envelopes then all your dreams will come true. Sounds great, doesn’t it. As my mother and Dad always told me “if money just fell off trees, then we would all be rich” or “if it sounds too good to be true, there has to be a catch somewhere”. I will admit that I never fallen for this scam. I did for most of the others but not for this one.

I especially love the letters that tell you that if you don’t make XXX,XX amount of dollars in 90 days you will get a complete refund. I look at these envelopes and just say “yeah right” as I am throwing them in the trash.



Get Rich Quick Schemes


Now this last scam is very hard to resist, at least for me. It is so sneaky and crafty. Be honest now, if you were to get a letter in the mail that had a picture of your dream car on it, wouldn’t you do everything you could to get that car. Well, aside from robbing a bank, I would.


Just put in this code, sleep well overnight and when you awake in the morning you will have zillions of dollars in your bank account. Now this sounds like it would be a dream come true!!! I feel sorry for the people like me that have fallen for this ploy. Well come on, you are out of money, your bills need to be paid and then this comes along in the mail. It’s almost like a sign, except it isn’t.

Well I take that back, maybe it is a sign, a sign you need to get your head examined!!!

Well I had fun!!! at least now I’m having fun!!!

Like I said some months ago, I have found a legit online program called Wealthy Affiliate that I would recommend Highly to anyone looking for legit online work. Just read my Wealthy Affiliate review. I have linked it to this. Just click on it to be redirected.



Today we talked about the different types of scams that you will find on the internet Such as programs that require a payment up front, multi- level groups, if it sounds too good to be true then something must be wrong, and lastly get rich scheme. Let me summarize the main points of each.

First is Pay Up Front:

  • Fallen victim to this a lot
  • Pay a little or a lot
  • May require monthly dues
  • May have a starter kit to buy

Next is the Multi-level Approach

  • Upgrade fredquently
  • Sell to friends and family
  • Pyramid levels

Sounds To Good To Be True

  • Too good to be true so probably is
  • Never fallen for this

Get Rich Scheme

  • Hard to resist
  • Sneaky and Crafty
  • Zillions of dollars

So there you have a list of the 4 major categories for scams. I hope you have this article helpful and interesting.

Just remember these when you go looking on the internet for an online job. Not all are scams. If you want more information please read my website where I breakdown legit jobs as well as scams. I have as of this date reviewed


Just check out my website for all this!!!! triedandtrueaffiliate.com



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If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All The Best,

Elaine Smith




  1. I am very satisfied with this topic. So many people dont know that there are thousands scams online that only want their money. People often want to earn money pretty fast and they forget to inform themselves about company or organization. I think that affiliate markteing is for sure one of the best safe methods of earning online.

    • Hey Daniel,

      I agree with you. Like I said in my article I was scammed many times by not knowing so I wanted to inform others of what was out there.

      Thanks for commenting.


  2. Hi there!

    I just finished reading your article about spotting scams online and just wanted to drop you a little comment to say thanks.

    There are so many scams online these days that its really hard to tell the difference between the real deals and the fake ones.

    I totally agree with the categories that you put these scams under. Personally I see so many of these things all the time, but there certainly seems to be a rise in “get rich quick” scams and claims that simply sound too good to be true.

    The problem is that in this day and age, there are a lot of desperate people out there that are willing to believe anything that offers them hope. Many people are only too willing to believe that although an opportunity might sound too good to be true, it might just make them rich. We do desperate things when we are really in need. Unfortunately the scam artists know this only too well.

    Thanks for this article. I will share this with my following on social media. I’m sure it will help some people.



    • Hey Andrew,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. I agree with you that there seems to be a large increase in the number of people that are in need of online work and will fall victim to these get rich scams too often.

      The scams are getting sneaker and sneaker these days but they still have the same basic points!

      I would appreciate you sharing this because if you found benefit from it I’m sure other would too. I have shared it on all media platforms when I wrote it but you can never have too much exposure.


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