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Company Name-Panel Bucks

  • Company Name:Panel Bucks
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business:
  • Product Effectiveness: online market research jobs
  • Support: according to company great, I found not as helpful (see below)
  • Price: free to join
  • My overall Ranking:1 out of 10


Today I will be discussing Panel Bucks. They are a survey marketing company that offers high pay outs for different jobs.

This seems to be a company that will pay you just for doing simple tasks, and according to the website they promise to pay you rather well.

We will be discussing in detail the facts, how it works, advantages, support, and lastly the all-important fee. First we will state the facts.


State The Facts

On their website they, Panel Bucks, state this:


-For surveys you will be paid $3-$75 dollars
-For Focus groups you will be paid $30-$100 dollars
-For Work at Home job you will be paid $150 dollars per hour
-For Mystery Shopping jobs you will be paid $10-$50 dollars per hour
-To Try new products you will be paid $$2-$50 dollars per hour


You will also get $25 just for signing up with them.

These prices sound fantastic to me but when you really work the program this isn’t what you see. In reality, you may just see a total of $3 in your account even after doing a lot of surveys.


Here are just a few reviews I found from others, it seems I wasn’t the only one that was having a difficult time with this company.


-“The biggest red flag, however, is their promotion of “work at home opportunities” that can pay more than $150 an hour. What this means is they plan on partnering with companies that train you in independent business opportunities to sell you expensive and generally worthless training courses. This is not to the benefit of their members, and because of this, prospective members should find their surveys from other companies.”

Now we will talk about how this all works together, if it does.

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How It Works


The short surveys are picked according to your profile. You go
through the process of filling out a short personal profile so the
surveys will be tailored just to you.


You begin the
survey and get a few questions into it and an error pops up saying you do not qualify for this survey. This is very frustrating. So you go to another survey and you get the same error message. I really don’t understand why I went to all the trouble of filling out the profile sheet if none of the surveys fit me personally.

When you have signed-up for Panel Bucks you will find you have signed up for more. I think they sign you up to some without your knowledge or else your filling out the form to Panel Bucks releases your personal information to others.

One last personal note, when I signed up my account stated $3 dollars. Then after doing many surveys stated $3 dollars and I never received a dime. My question is where did my $25 dollars go.

Now to the advantages of this program as stated on their website. I found it difficult to find advantages but I have listed some.





You can work at your own pace even if you have a full-time job.

They claim they are free because they charge they company who works for them.

Surveys are available 24/7 according to Panel Bucks but this wasn’t my personal experience.

Once you start receiving checks from the company the feeling is great. I wouldn’t know anything about this.

Once you sign up to Panel Bucks you will be so busy with lot of surveys.

You can cancel at anytime and they will stop sending you survey. I have canceled many times and I still get the surveys

Once you sign up you will get your first survey very soon. This is true. And they will keep coming and coming.

The average amount of surveys per month is between 2-4 but you can sign up with many companies through them.

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They do have email but I have tried it and to this day have got no response. I will include a screen shot of their contact information.




All Important Fee

They are free to join. And when you complete the sign-up process you will get $25 plus access to all the other free survey opportunities. It sounds like a winning deal. Some other survey places will pay in cash while others pay in points and gift cards.

Back to what Panel Bucks does. When you sign-up for this you are immediately be directed to sign up with all these other survey sites through Panel Bucks. It is just weird. I don’t mind signing-up for things but through a certain website only? I would like to know about them first.

Once you finally do get past the seven pages of previous offers, you will come to the landing page for Panel Bucks. There are six tabs on the landing page and they are listed below.


  1. market research-pretty rare
  2. live paying surveys-before you can access must give info again, answer many ? to just find out you don’t qualify
  3. paid surveys-give info(again)
  4. daily freebies-useless
  5. work from home jobs-Scam sites
  6. focus groups-very rare

Now for a wrap-up of all we have discussed today in this review.




Lets wrap-up our review here. We talked about the facts, how it works, the advantages, the support, and the price of Panel Bucks. I would like to briefly summarize each point below.


State the Facts

  • Payments for each group
  • Payment for sign-up

How It Works

  • Surveys done by your profile
  • Do not qualify


  • Avalible24/7
  • Work at your own pace


  • Have email
  • no response


  • Free to join
  • Focus groups are rare



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If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.



Elaine Smith




  1. I have never tried a survey sight, have you had any luck with different companies? This one does not sound like something I would want to deal with. I have so much limited time already. I really liked your review on this company. So many reviews always say you should give them the chance. I feel like you were looking out for me and to find a better one. Thank you!

    • Thank you Jim for reading and commenting.

      The problem with many survey sites is they promise big payoffs and have no follow through. I have found a few legit sits and have reviewed them also.

      Please read my entire website for a full list.

  2. How long have Panel Bucks Online been in business? I noticed you had this section in the review, but no data.

    Regardless of how long they have been around, they seem pretty suspicious to me! I appreciate you doing the leg work to review them…saves me a lot of time and hassle.

    Do you have to hit a threshold before they pay you? Or could you request the $3 right now? Often times I have seen a payment threshold (sometimes as much as $100) which can be almost impossible to reach.

    Thanks again!

    • To answer your questions

      #1 How long have they been in business- couldn’t find anywhere

      #2 Do you have to hit a threshold- if you want to but according to the review they don’t like to pay at any level.

      #3 Can you request your $3 right away- again, I refer to the review, they don’t like to pay at any level.

      This is why I listed them under Scams


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