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In this article I will be discussing different ways you can earn extra spending money. At the end of this article I will give you a number of websites that offer remote jobs that are legit ways to make money working from home.

We will be talking about doing odd jobs around the house, Talking to your boss for ideas, working from home, and like I said I will give you internet sites with legit sites where you can check for legit jobs.

So let’s jump into our first category of odd jobs that can be found around the house.

Odd Jobs Around The House  


There are many different kinds of ways you can earn money just around the house.

Let me give you a brief list here and then I will go into detail below

  1. Dog-sitting
  2. Babysitting
  3. Garage Sale
  4. eBay

#1 Dog-sitting- Your not going to become rich doing this, but if you love animals then this is a good choice for you. Just put the word out to your neighbors and you can become the neighborhood dog walker. Not only will the seniors thank you but the people who are busy working will also thank you. Many just don’t have the time with their work to give their animals proper time outdoors, so you are helping both the owners and the animals.

You can also register with local agencies as professional dog walkers and caretakers. This could bring in even more money because your licensed and registered.

#2 Babysitting- I personally did this one when I was younger to help myself earn extra spending money. You can do this in many ways.

One way, would be to just stay within your local neighborhood. This again would be done thought word of mouth. Once you get a good reference from a person then that gets passed around from neighbor to neighbor. Soon you will start getting requests for places outside of your neighborhood.

The second opinion, would be to branch out of your neighborhood with referrals from other people. Of course, this would require transportation of some kind.

The third opinion, is to advertise on the internet with a reputable company such as care.com which is available in many countries worldwide. They are free to join plus they do have an internet site that can be checked out.

#3 Garage Sales- Now this is something that I will do at least 2 times a year. I have my fall cleaning and my spring cleaning. Since, my place is small I have all my out-of-date clothes in boxes. So in the fall I will switch out my summer clothes for my winter clothes. Since, I live in Texas where the weather changes on a dime I always have some long sleeve shirt out all year. My point being, at this time I also decide what clothes don’t fit, I don’t like, I can sell for a reason at a garage sale. Also, at this time I will go though cabinets, cupboards, closets, and the entire place. Since, I do this so often I’m having to look at the next opinion.

#4 eBay- This is how I get some of my extra spending. By selling my gently used belongings on eBay from my fall and spring cleanings. Sometimes I have kept some stuff back to give as reuse as DIY Christmas presents. You can make some pretty good money doing this.

I have known people that can make quite a bit, almost a full time income on this alone.

Next, our topic to discuss will have to do with taking to your boss. They might have ideas about where you can find legit jobs.



Talk To Your Boss     

One idea is to talk to your boss to see if your company already has an existing telecommuting programming. When you talk to your boss be sure to mention all the different ways that this would benefit the company. Telecommuting or working from home or remote work all mean about the same thing. Basically, you would be working away from the office, either on a part-time basis or full time.

At the end of this article I will give you a list of legit online remote job site you may want to check out.

Next, we will talk about starting your own home business.



Start Your Own Business   

What about starting your own work from home business. I wrote an article on Scams That Can be Found Online. Scams are something you have to be on the lookout for at all times.

Working from home articles of interest are Tips For Work From Home With Sanity and Benefits of Working From Home.

Working from home can have advantages and challenges as you will read in detail in those articles.

One good and safe opinion I would highly recommend is Wealthy Affiliate. I have written an article about that titled Costly and Free/Types Of Affiliate Programs. Here is a wonderful affiliate program that is free to join. Once you join just follow the training step by step, it will show you so much. For instance, you will learn all about creating a website so this can be ranked on the internet. The nice thing about this program is that they don’t expect you to be all “techy” to join, you can have little to no knowledge at all. This was my level when I joined, no knowledge but I have been with them for almost six months and my knowledge isn’t superior but it has improved.

Now for the last category, I will give you a list of different internet sites that offer remote jobs that are legit. Simply check each website for the rules and restrictions of each.



Legit Jobs Sites    

Here is a list of online websites that offer remote jobs. You will need to check their sites for the available jobs and requirements.

    1. ZipRecruiter
    2. NexRep
    3. AngelList
    4. FlexJobs
    5. Indeed
    6. Jobspresso
    7. Power To Fly
    8. Glassdoor
    9. Remotive
    10. Remote Ok
    11. Skip The Drive
    12. Stak Overflow
    13. Virtual Vocations
    14. We Work Remotely
    15. Working Nomads




Now I will summarize what we talked about in this article.
There are odd jobs you can do around the house. You may not get rich doing them but they can bring in some extra spending money.

We talked about talking to your boss because some businesses will offer a remote work job. Remote work, telecommuting, and working from home all mean basically the same thing.

The next to last topic is about starting your own business from home. I have given you a few suggestions of legit places.

The last topic is a list of websites that offer legit jobs that you can have a look at.

I hope this has been helpful information for you.



If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the Best,


Elaine Smith




  1. Hello, thanks for sharing your information. I am always looking for ways to diversify my income. In your article you mention several other ways I haven’t even thought of doing. Particularly interesting was asking my boss about telecommuting. That Idea made a few light bulbs go off in my head. I would love that option.

    • Hi Kevin,

      Thanks for reading my article. I’m glad you found valuable information in here. Yes, you can ask your boss because this would not only benefit you but it’s also beneficial for the company in many ways.

      Again thank you for commenting.


  2. Thanks for a very good article on ways to make extra money. These are some very good ideas. I agree about starting a business. There are lots of headaches with running your own business, but so is working for minimum wage for someone else. I would rather deal with the problems of running your own business than the latter. And thanks for the list of sites to make money from home. I’m going to show that to my daughter and maybe she can find something to do from home. Thanks for a great article.

    • Hi Mike,

      Thanks for reading my article.

      I agree with you that running your own business has it’s set of headaches but giving your money away to someone else has another set of problems.

      I hope your daughter can find a job from the list of legit work from home sites.

      Thanks again for commenting.


  3. Hi Elaine
    Your article is very helpful and certainly, and it gives one a variety of choices.

    The list, you gave at the end is something that I have been looking around for quite some time. That part alone, give me so much hope. I really want to change things for the better this year.

    I am also going to give the Wealthy Affiliate option as well.

    Thanks for this

    • Hi Roopesh,

      Thanks for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I enjoyed writing this article and learned so much myself.

      I was hoping the websites at the end would be beneficial to people.

      Thank you again for commenting.


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