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Today we are going to discuss the benefits of Jaaxy as a keyword research tool. We will talk about how it can be effective with keywords ranking, in niches discovery and site ranking. We will also discuss the kind of support that can be found within this company. Since this company is owned by Kyle and Carson you can expect great support with this company but we will talk in more detail later in this review.


#1 Keyword Ranking

With the use of Jaaxy you can find out where your keyword is ranking in not only Google but also Bing, Yahoo and other competitors as well.

With Jaaxy you can take a broad keyword and “dig deeper” to keep narrowing your targeted word. Jaaxy will allow you to store and save all searches you have done. This will help save you hours of time that you can spend on other parts of your business.

Let’s take a look at another point..#2

#2 Niche Discovery


Not only is Jaaxy a great keyword research tool but it also has many other features as well. One of the great features is that within the tool you can search on different sites like Twitter, Yahoo, Google, and Amazon for fresh ideas on a new and exciting niche topic. Then you can further narrow it down using Jaaxy and the alphabet soup method. This way you can narrow your search down in a matter of seconds rather than hours.

Moving on to #3

#3 SiteRank

This is a platform that is only available in Jaaxy. It’s like a SEO dream tool that will allow you to discover exactly where your website stands or ranks in Google, Bing, and Yahoo. If you know your ranking, you can be more successful with your competition. You now have your competition wondering what will be your next move. They will be trying to figure out why you have a leg up on them.

Below is an example of what Jaaxy looks like and an explanation on the different points.

This is what Jaaxy is all about – keyword data.

If research a keyword your results will be on a page with several columns that look like this.


Jaaxy keyword research data

This is the information the different columns will give you:

  • Keyword your primary keyword plus a list of other targeted results
  • Avg – this gives you the number of monthly searches for each keyword result.
  • Traffic – this will tell you how much traffic you can expect if you are on the first page of the search engines.
  • QSR (Quoted Search Results) – this is the
    competition for the exact keyword or keyword phrase. Try to keep this
    as low as possible, I try to keep it under 100.
  • KQI (Keyword Quality Indicator) – this color system
    gives you an overview of all factors related to the keyword. Green
    means it’s a good keyword with high a very good chance of ranking.
    Yellow is an average keyword and red means don’t use this keyword there
    is too much competition.
  • SEO – tells you how easily an optimized page or
    post will rank. Longer keyword phrases generally have a higher power
    than short keywords because they are more precise. The higher the score
    here the better, a score in the nineties is usually what I aim for.
  • Domains – this will tell you which domains are
    available for a specific keyword or keyword phrase. Exact match domains
    still rank well in the search engines, despite the recent updates.
  • Related – here you can see keywords that are
    related to your original search. This can be useful for finding
    additional keywords you hadn’t thought of.

We can’t forget about #4 so let’s read on..

#4 Let’s Talk about Support

Well they are proactive, reactive, and an innovative team. Enough said.


Simply put Jaaxy LOVES everything technology. If you ever need or have a question, just ask and a friendly person will be more than glad to help you out. After all the support is with Kyle and Carson of Wealthy Affiliate who consider support their #1 priority.


Now let’s move on to point #5. This is to me the most important point…#5

#5 Price

Of course you can try it out for free. But there is a new program that has been made available and let me tell you all about it. There are now special benefits to being a Wealthy Affiliate member. So join WA which is also free.

Free Program Jaaxy Lite Jaaxy Pro $19 Enterprise $49
(available only to WA) $49 non-WA members $99 non-WA members

Now do you see the advantages to joining Wealthy Affiliate! Not only is it an amazing company but then you can save a lot of money when you add this wonderful product to your tool belt of supplies. So what are you waiting for!!


So let’s sum up what we have talked about.

#1Keywords-start broad then dig deep. Store and save.

#2Niche Discovery-alphabet soup method narrows in seconds.

#3SiteRank-SEO dream tool. Keep your competition guessing.

#4Support-by Kyle/Carson from WA so EXCELLENT!!

#5Price-can’t be beat if you join WA.


I would like to include a bar graph to compare all the wonderful feature we have talked about in this review


If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


Elaine Smith




  1. Definitely one of the best keyword research tool out there. I’ve been working on my affiliate site for 3 years and the only SEO practice that matters to me is keyword research. I spend time ensuring that it’s low competition with adequate traffic with Jaaxy before I write my posts. The result is encouraging with a good portion of them ranking high on Google.

    • Hi Kenny Lee,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. Glad to hear you also enjoy using Jaaxy. We both find so many benefits to using it.

      Again thank you for stopping by.


  2. I am really glad that you described this awesome research tool. I find it very useful and i am using it pretty regularly. I think that everyone who is working with internet marketing should have this kind of tool. in the past I was using Google keyword planner but Jaaxy is way better..

    • Hey Daniel,

      Thank you for taking the time to read and comment on my article. I enjoy using Jaaxy myself. I find it a very awesome and helpful tool. It has many great features.

      Thanks again for commenting.


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