Inbox Pays-Are They Legit Or A Scam?


Company Name-Overview & Ranking

  • Company Name: Inbox Pays
  • Website URL:
    http://www.inbox pays.com/
  • Years In Business: not many
  • Product Effectiveness: A GPT (get paid to) website
  • Support:Poor (According to BBB)
  • Price:Free to join
  • My overall Ranking: 1 out of 10


Where To Begin

In this article we will be talking all about Inbox Pays. This is a fairly new company which is owned by A & A marketing. This is a web design company based in Greenwood, MO.

In this article we will discuss the sign-up process, how well it works, what’s included, how the customers are treated, and the important overall price.

My #1 recommended company for online work.


Now let’s talk a little about the sign-up process.



The Sign-up Process

I have found from personal experience that most surveys will ask similar questions in the very beginning to set-up your profile. A red flag went up for me when they asked for my phone number right at the beginning. That usually doesn’t happen.


At least the surveys didn’t offer to pay really high amount. Their pay scale was .50-$1.00. The only thing about that is that getting paid was very difficult but that will be discussed later.


Back to sign-up. According to the website this process is very easy and free to everyone. They will even give you $5.00 just for signing up. This is a survey company that is offered through Survey Premium who I have already done a review on. Please check it out.


Now we will be discussing how well it works.


How Well It Works  


Their are problems with the process. On the surface, it looks just fine but once you do some digging you find a different story. For example, the sign-up process is simple and straight forward. But you soon find out the information that they have asked you have been given to other companies without your consent.


Another concern is that when you go to contact them, they don’t respond. When I’m looking at a website or company to promote or join I will research them thoroughly. This one does have a website to view so that is a plus in my book. And they do have a Facebook page. Another plus.


Information found on those pages is concerning. All the reviews on Facebook were negative, now I understand that doesn’t always mean it’s bad so I will wait for my final verdict.


Then I look on Google and there is a review from the BBB and it is negative. Well that’s starting to look bad. I continue reading and find a few more reviews which are similar so red flags are really going up against them.



Now we will talk about the wonderful things that are included in this program.


What’s Included


This is one of their strongest points. They do offer many different option to making money. I will discuss each one in full detail below but right now I would like to give you just a brief overview. For instance, you can make money in these areas.


  1. Reading emails
  2. Simple marketing research
  3. Playing the Spin-to-win game
  4. Making referrals
  5. Clipping coupons
  6. Affiliate program


As you can see they do have a variety of different programs where you can make an income.
#1 Reading Emails online– You can make anywhere from 2 cents to 25 cents per email and there is a maximum of 3 emails per day. So folks that mean by reading emails you can earn at the most 75 cents per day. How long will it take you to get out of debt at this pace, just saying.


#2 Simple marketing research– You can make anywhere from 23 cents to $75 dollars. These $75 dollars are very rare. Most of these are “trial” offers. Then there are the “free” offers where you will make the majority of your money or should I say change. These pay you very little so you will only earn pocket change if you can even collect.

#3 Play the Spin-to-Win game– This can be fun and addicting at the same time. When you join you will get two free spins and then you must earn each additional spin with completed offers.


#4 Referring a friend– This can be done quite easily. I just have a difficult time personally referring a friend to something I don’t believe in myself.


#5 Clipping coupons– Not really sure why this is included but it is. Personally I love to clip and use grocery coupon so this is very easy for me. You simply will print and use the coupons at the grocery store and other places.


#6 Affiliate program– They have an affiliate program within this.


If you are wanting a legit affiliate company check out my #1 recommendation by clicking here.


Now we will talk about how they treat their customers.


How Customers Are Treated


I have found a number of review and comment from customers about how they were treated by the company. Most talk about how they have done many surveys and or read email to earn money but the company refuses to pay. To me this reads SCAM. The BBB have also rated this company with a negative review plus they aren’t accredited.

Here are a few reviews from some people on Facebook:

*Inboxpays: I have a complaint. I’ve not gotten credited for any of the 3 center paid emails I’ve check’d for about a month on your website–at least on what showed up on my profile screen. I ask that you please look at what’s happening.


#inbox pays

@inbox pays is a scam! Don’t fall for it!!! I did $91 in surveys and they have yet to pay me!!!! Even tried to contact them and got no reply!!!


This company is a joke. You get to the $50.00 amount to cash out and they give a number to call to verify and they never answer they tell you call back later and hang up on you. You try to send in a support ticket and you can not do that either. This is the worst survey page I have ever come across. They should be removed. DO NOT SIGN UP WITH THEM.


If you want to be treated well by a great company check out this.


Now we will talk about my favorite topic the price.


Overall Price  


Of course, this company is free to join and you get $5 reward for signing up. This sounds like an offer that is too good to pass up.


Now I will give you the final tally of what we have talked about today in this review.



Final Tally


Today I want to summarize what we talked about in this review below.

Where To Begin

    • Fairly new company
    • A&A marketing


Sign Up Process

    • Red flag for phone number
    • Low pay scale which is good


How Well It Works

    • On the surface they look good
    • When digging you find the problems


What’s Included

    • The Strongest point
    • Many programs


How Customers Are Treated

    • BBB review
    • Review from Facebook


Overall Price

  • Free to join
  • $5 for sign-up


So this is my summary of this review of Inbox Pays. I hope you will find some helpful information in this.


But folks from what I have learned from this review and research I would stay away from this company. That is just my personal recommendation. If you want a legit way to make money filling out only surveys I would recommend Sway Bucks or Wealthy Affiliate for a legit work from home job.



My #1 recommended site



If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.



Elaine Smith




  1. Hi Elaine,

    Thanks for the clear feedback – great job listing and elaborating on key criteria. It’s a real service you’re providing, and you’ve most likely saved a few people from taking the plunge into the wrong waters. I know I picked up a few good tips myself.

    Thanks again!

    • Thanks Norman for taking the time to offer your comments. They are going to be much appreciated. Yes I was hoping people would gather information before joining. I’m glad you were able to pick up some tips also. Thanks again.

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