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Today I want to talk to you about the steps or how to post an article. First you need to find a subject, research it, write about it, spell check it or have someone proofread it, publish it, and edit it so you can add an image. Let me go into detail about each step here. And then “Wa lah” you are done.

I have given you a screen shot of the tool bar and all the buttons so you will know which one I’m referring to. I hope this will help. Let’s jump right in to publishing our first article. And we will start with making our decision.


#1 Decisions, Decisions

Step one is going to have to find something you are interested in to write about. This is the fun and easy part for me. You simply look on Google to find a topic that is captivating to you. You can get creative here, when you have found a topic then you will need to do some research about the subject. One of the best places to do research is on the internet.

Since your topic will need to be have a keyword in it another place to find ideas is on Jaaxy or another keyword tools. Personally I like to use Jaaxy since that is what I use for the keyword tool anyways.

That is offered on Wealthy Affiliate so it just makes sense to me to use this. You want to make sure your keyword is a long tail keyword rich because Google likes these better and you will get higher and faster rankings.

When you get ready to write your article though, be sure to be creative and talk as though you were talking with a buddy. You don’t want to be all scientific and use a bunch of big words that you don’t normally use in everyday speech. After all, you are just talking to a friend. So use everyday language and be yourself. Keep your speech natural and then your writing will reflect that. If you will keep this in mind you will get more response from people and they will be more willing to read your article.


Oh I almost forgot, you need to break up your paper with what is called white space. What is white space? Well I’m glad you asked me that, so I can show you. White space is where you have words then you have a white area like this______
between words. Now do you get it?

#2 ABC Button


When you write your articles on the SiteContent platform there is this nifty little

tool called “spell check”. (The ABC button is between the blue button with the mountain on it and the SAVE button). When you are finished writing your article you just simply hit this button that says “ABC” with a check and the “magic” will happen. Because not only will this tool check for spelling errors but also grammar and sentence errors as well. In my opinion it’s a great, no it’s a lifesaving tool. At least for me.

But when you don’t have that you can get someone to look over or proofread your work. They can usually catch your spelling mistakes but what about the grammar and sentence error?
So… The only drawback to this is what if they miss something…. Hey it can happen!!

So what is the next step? Oh yeah, We are ready to publish, but how do we do that?

I will walk you thru the steps if you will just follow me down the Ol’ publishing road. Onward we go!!


#3 Go Big Green  


OK, so you have everything all nice and well written. You like the way all your words look. You should be proud of yourself!!

Now it’s time to hit the publish button. It’s that big green button in the right-hand corner next to the “SAVE” button. Go ahead. You can do it. I’m proud of you!!!


So now you have got the article written, it’s a great article but it has no pictures. Now who wants to read a long paper with no pictures.


Now you have a published article but it has no pictures or graphics. Well no worries. We can fix that later.

Right now hit “PUBLISH” It’s the BIG GREEN BUTTON!!!

We will go to edit and inset images AFTER you publish!!


#4 Pictures     


The next step is to add some pictures. I always like this step. You will need to find relevant, royalty-free pictures which I get from Pixabay and from Google. These must be relevant to your post or/article.

Just hit the teal button that is next to the ABC button on the SiteContent Bar. The image button is the one with the mountain on it. Just scroll down the pictures until you find the one you want. Hit the “add image” button and you image will be added in the place where your curser was placed. A word of warning be sure to place your curser there first because your picture will show up wherever the curser is. But if it is in the wrong place just highlight the picture and hit the backspace on your keyboard, your picture will disappear. (I know this from experience).

The best location for this is in the first fold of the article. What I mean by that is your main picture needs to be right near the beginning so that when a reader looks at the article they will be drawn by your beautiful picture. So the image must in a sense, sum up what your article is about. Now you need to place relevant pictures thought out your article so there aren’t big blocks of just writing.

Now doesn’t your article look so beautiful!!!


Great!!! I’m so glad we are having this little chat!!




If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All the best,


Elaine Smith



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