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Today we will be discussing the 4 steps needed to find top keywords. Now this really isn’t a difficult process at all. All you will need is the internet, Google, and a keyword tool. There a several free available on the internet such as:

  • WordStream-Free Trial
  • Serp-free Trial
  • Jaaxy-Free Trial
  • Wordtracker

This is just a few, all I did was type “free keyword tools online” in the search bar in Google to come up with these. I prefer to use Jaaxy but that is just my preference.

Back to this article, I will be discussing the 4 steps that you will need to take to create a ranking keyword. So let’s get into this article.



Broad Idea      


To begin with you need to have a general subject. For this article we will use the “title” so our general topic or subject would be “keyword”.


This method will work with any idea or keyword you have. But Elaine, I don’t know where to get any ideas. Well just get on the internet and start looking. Check on Amazon for thing that might interest you. What are you interested in? What are your hobbies? What would you like to learn more about? Sports, sewing, gardening, swimming, IT, etc. That is where broad ideas come from.


So for this example I’m interested in learning more about keywords. Did you know that whatever idea you pick you will be learning more about it. Just though I would throw that little nugget of gold in there. (It’s free info.) I have learned so much from researching than I ever did. But it has been a lot of fun and very interesting. This is one of the many reasons you need to find a topic that will interest you. So when you pick your idea be sure to keep this in mind!

Now that we have our general subject we are ready to move to the next step which is the alphabet soup method. Keep reading it’s really getting good!!


Alphabet Soup Method    


Next we will discuss how to use the alphabet soup method. Now I know this is a crazy name but it pretty much describes exactly what we will be doing.

First you will take your broad keyword idea that you developed in step #1 and add each letter of the alphabet to it one at a time. Well rather than telling why don’t I show you. Maybe that will make more sense.

Importing a keyword will always increase your business results by leaps and bounds. You can do this by creating quality and creative content.

You also need to be aware of what and how people are searching for things on the internet. Just stop and think about what you put in the Google search bar. Do you put a statement or do you put a question? Myself, I usually ask questions. Research states that most people ask questions in their Google search box so when you are creating a long tail keyword you might want to keep this in mind.

So with this example we will take our keyword which just happens to also be “keywords” and put “f” + keywords so it will come up with “find keywords”.

Now let’s talk about the different scores we should be concerned with and what they mean.


Making The Score


When we talk about the scores I am referring mostly to the QSR which is the Quoted Search Result and the Traffic. The QSR should be under 200 but the closer to -0- the better and the traffic should over 30.

When we take the keyword phrase “find keywords” the QSR is 486 and the traffic is 107 as you can see from the graph below. This gives it a poor overall score according to the numbers we look at. We need to do some further work on our keyword phrase. Let’s try to add a word to it and see what that does.

Let’s just see what happens when we add the word “find top keywords” since this helps it to make a little more grammatical sense in my opinion. Now check out the graph.

Okay that’s better so now we can move to the last test. Let’s see what that is.


Making Sense


The last test is to put together a keyword that makes proper sense. In other words, you want to have a keyword that will just flow naturally, like speech, when you are saying it. But Elaine, why is this so important? Well I’m glad you asked me that. How do many people search for things on the internet these days? One way is by asking questions as I mentioned earlier but another popular way is by just talking to their devices. So if they “talk” to their device they don’t say “keywords find” but they would say “find keywords”. The second choice makes more grammatical sense or is well-formed in the English language.




So today we have talked about many things. I will summarize the main points of what we discussed today.

We touched upon the subject of how to come up with a broad idea. The main points I would like you to remember are to


  • Develop a general subject
  • Something of interest


Next, we brought up the benefits of using the Alphabet Soup Method. For example:

  • You use Google and the alphabet
  • Import to improve business results
  • Create quality content


Next, we wrote about what the definition for the different scores and why they where important.

  • -200/+30
  • ? will make great long tail keywords


Lastly, we explained why a keyword must make sense.

  • Flow naturally like speech
  • Will be searched for by voice


I also listed a number of free keyword tools that can be found on the internet. I’m sure more can be found just simply by typing in the words “free keyword tools on the internet“.

My #1 recommendation is to join Wealthly Affliliate because as a member you will also have access to this wonderful keyword tool for FREE. You can choose to upgrade when you are ready or like me you can remain at the FREE level!! Have a look below!!!


Then click here to look at Wealthy Affiliate!!

If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.



All the best,

Elaine Smith




  1. Nicely done
    I’ve been having some trouble with my keywords on my site I think this a great guide and I will be sharing this with other
    The alphabet soup is one tool I have not use I’ll be using
    that and I didn’t realize there are other places that I could go to besides jaxxy
    Thank you and keep up the good work

    • Thanks for reading and commenting on my article. I am glad you found items that were beneficial to you. That was my whole idea behind this.

      Thanks again for commenting.


  2. This is really helpful. I am just starting out on my online business and it really has been a struggle for me to get visitors to my site. I have a good looking site and post quality content, but the traffic just not rolling in as I thought it would.
    I haven’t tried these key words techniques yet and the way your explaining them, they seem to be very effective.
    I am definitely going to implement this into my buisness, Thanks, I am going to share this on Facebook..

    • Hey Garrett,

      I’m so glad you found some useful information in my article. That is always the intended goal- to help people!!

      I’m so happy to hear that you  will be able to applying some and I look forward to following your progress.

      Yes please, by all means do share again on Facebook because if this will help you then I’m sure it will benefit others.

      Again thanks for reading and commenting!


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