Costly vs. Free/Types of Affiliate Programs

Today I what to talk about the different types of affiliate programs that are out there on the internet. Believe me I have tried a number of them myself. Most of them have been scams. And how do I know this? Because, they ask for money up front. I did find one company however that was very different. I would like to discuss that company with you in detail today. I’m a visual person so if you are like me and would like to try Wealthy Affiliate out for yourself just go ahead and click right here. As a starter member it is FREE!!!




Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate.com is a fantastic program that I would like to review with you. I have 3 main point I would like to  discuss with you today. They are the overview, training, and the cost. There are a few other minor topics I will be discussing such as upgrades, the helpfulness of the community, other offered programs, and the number of buyers online.



Let’s Check Them Out

Wealthy Affiliate.com was started by Kyle and Carson in 2008 to assist people working on the internet. It has now grown to 800,000 people who are now in the company. Affiliate marketing is the process of earning by promoting other people’s products that you find on places like Amazon.com. Of course there are other affiliate programs that you can participate in and promote though wealthy affiliate and I will list these here



What Kind Of Training Do They Provide

As I stated earlier the program was started by just Kyle and Carson. But they have added a few people to give extensive training and to work behind the scenes so they can develop the academy even further now. Below is a list of the current “community” of helpers to show the extensive assistance you can get in this program.


How many other programs if you have a problem/concern do you get assistance from the co-owners themselves. Then they added Jay who does Live video training every, and I mean EVERY Friday (that includes holidays). Jay always has a training session that is pre-planned but since it is live, technical problem are always a possibility, so sometimes he will as he calls it “wing it” and just do a question and answer session. These are still VERY beneficial in my opinion.


The free training consists of 10 lessons in the affiliate boot camp and 10 lessons in the certification area. In these free lessons you will build two complete websites or domains and search for keywords all through siterubix.com. Some of the amazing points are


  • There are 12 for free program Templates to choose from for your website
  • Websites are so easy to build even a child could do it
  • Support is a big deal at WA, so it’s available 24 hours day
  • Websites are built for ranking and success
  • Websites are hosted by WordPress and you can’t get much better than that
  • All domain needs are found in ONE place
  • The community is SO helpful!!!

Now we will talk about the wonderful benefits you can get from being in a community that will build you up to succeed!


How Is The Community

I talked about how helpful the community was and I have been a member here for awhile so I speak from experience. When you have a problem understanding anything, especially training related, you simply post your question in this box and you will be helped very quickly by the community. You will not just get an answer from just one person but more than likely from multiply people.


You also learn about domains, SEO, and Jaxxy which is now included with Wealthy Affiliate. As a member you can get Jaaxy at a reduced price.

So what will happen if you upgrade? Well keep reading and you will see all the wonderful and amazing benefits!


What About Upgrades

Then if you choose to upgrade, you will continue on with more lesson, you can buy your own purchased websites plus you will have unlimited use of the keyword tool. They now have Jaaxy built-in to Wealthy Affiliate which is very beneficial because Jaaxy is one of the top leading keyword tools on the internet.

When you make the very wise decision to go premium let me tell you some of the advantages to your membership. Let’s just take a look at all the wonderful upgrades you will be receiving.


  • 50 Websites
  • 3000+ templates
  • 51,973 add-ons
  • Amplified Site Speed
  • Site Health Analysis
  • Site Comments
  • Site Feedback
  • Advanced Website Training
  • Graphic/Free Images


Now I want to discuss another program that they offer to their affiliate program. This is a great program which they are offering to others. I have taken a screenshot as an example to show you.

This is quite a deal which is very successful.

Now we will be discussing who is online. This is something I didn’t know before hand but learned in the training.


Who Is Online

There are now 2.8 billion buyers online and this company will show you how to reach them step-by-step.




So you are probably asking, with all this wonderful information and extensive training can I really afford this program? Well read on to find out just how much it costs! You won’t be sorry, TRUST ME!!!



What Is The Cost

The cost to begin this program is free. That’s right, you heard me right. So click right here to begin.


Then if you want to upgrade it is only $19 for the first month and $49 thereafter or you could pay $344 for the entire year. Many times they will run a special or discount to pat for the yearly dues. When you take advantage of this you will be saving in the long run.


So Let’s Sum This Up

The benefits to this wonderful program can be summed up like this


I have created a chart about all the wonderful products I have talked about in this article. They are listed below in a summary.



If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than to happy to help you out.



All the best,

Elaine Smith







  1. Great post, I love WA too. I do a lesson and some homework each day and I work towards my dream of working from home. Membership is worth it and it’s so much less costly because you can join for free and get a taste of what you are getting before going premium. What it has done for me has been monumental. If anyone I know is interested in starting a business online I tell them to start at WA

    • I myself have been scammed so many times before that I didn’t want to promote this program at first but when I learned more about it and experience it first hand that changed my mind. I love this program and will tell anyone about it.

  2. I have been with Wealthy Affiliate for a couple of months and I love the training and webinars. The live webinars are available the next day so you can listen to it again and stop and start it to get everything you can out of it. And if you get stuck on something you can always ask those who have gone before you. The community is very helpful and knowledgeable.

  3. Great post. Wealthy Affiliate seems like the right choice for affiliate programs!

  4. Hello Elaine, I am a relatively new WA member and I am enjoying the new career that I have chosen. I hope you are enjoying it as well. Take care and best to you and your family. God Bless.


  5. I thoroughly enjoyed your post about Wealthy Affiliate, Elaine. If I wasn’t already a member, you would have convinced me this was a program I needed to investigate.

    • Thank you for looking at my site. I try to give an honest review and this is a wonderful program in my opinion.

      Tried and true


  6. I can’t agree more that Wealthy Affiliate is a fantastic programme, Elaine. It will be better if you can add more pictures and information in this post, especially about the new improvements in SiteContent, WA affiliate programme shorter time to be paid, etc.

    • Thank you for your comment. You are correct pictures do keep people’s attention longer. I will consider this.

      Tried and true


  7. Great review of an excellent platform. There is much of a community atmosphere there and the live chat is fantastic. This one seems to dominate the affiliate market with its value for money as they offer quite a bit for the money.
    Thanks for your review. Very convincing.

  8. Hey Elaine,
    Nice work here. Interesting and most of all, genuine. I love your honesty and willingness to share. You’ll do great! WA is far and away above any other affiliate community on the Internet. Congrats on your success and I hope the best for you!

    • I have been in a number of scams on the internet but this is truly a legit program. I’m really enjoying all the training I’m getting in this program. I would HIGHLY recommend this to anyone!!! Thank you for reading and taking time to comment.

      Tried and True


    • Hey Mike,
      Thanks for reading and commenting on my post. I love this program also because you have so much to gain from it. Of course, you get out of any program what you put into it. But this program gives you so much training for so little money.

      Tried and True


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