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Company Name- Money Super Market.com

  • Company Name:Money Super Market.com
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business: started about 13 years ago
  • Product Effectiveness: financial company
  • Support: good
  • Price: none
  • My overall Ranking: 9 out of 10



What They Are All About

Money Super Market.com is a company that began in 13 years ago to help people with their finances. It was founded by Simon Nixon and the headquarters are located in Ewloe, United Kingdom.

This is a company that offers a number of different products so they can find the best deal for a particular person’s need.

I bet you are wondering exactly how they work? Well I would be glad to enlighten you on the subject. As I said they are based in the UK but they do offer some limited coverage in the US.

When you switch from one company to another on Money SuperMarket.com the switching is an easy 3 step process. You simply look on the Money SuperMarket.com website for the company you want.

Click on their website through MSM.com and that will lead you to their form. Fill out the form and once you are approved you will be finished.

Now, I will discuss a few of the products plus give you some money saving tips on each.

The first is travel insurance.


Travel Services

One of the services they provide is a travel super market. In this they provide all kinds of information like many different holiday deals ranging from the flight, the hotel, car rental, all the way to the travel insurance. They even carry what they call travel extras which will include deals on airport parking, holiday parks, airport lounges, airport hotels, train rides, airport transfers, car rentals, cruses, cruises, and a home away from home.

This option does also have US and UK choices from simple flights, or cars, to complete all-inclusive events.

$ The money saving tip as I promised– If you stay overnight at the airport hotel, just park your car at the hotel then a shuttle bus will take you to the airport. This way you will avoid having to pay for parking.

Now let’s talk about energy services.



Energy Services

This program is available England, Scotland, and Wales but not in the US. As I have said before, they are independently owned.

Not only can you compare gas and electric but they also offer something called “boiler cover” Now you are probably like me, and saying what is that? Well then again, maybe you already knew, I didn’t so I looked it up. It’s coverage for your heating! be it central heating or boiler (hence the name).

They also offer solar power options and green energy option which helps the environment!!

$ Now for the energy saving tip– Install a smart thermostat and set it to 77* in the summer and 68* in the winter.

Now for broadband and cell phones services!!



Broadband and Phones Services

This option also is available only in the UK, sorry US.

Here is a list of the broadband companies they work with

  • BI
  • Direct Save Telecom
  • E. E.
  • First Utility
  • Gigaclear
  • John Lewis Broadband
  • Now Broadband
  • Plusnet
  • Pop Tetecom
  • Post Office
  • Sky
  • SSE
  • Talk Talk
  • Virgin Media
  • Vodafone
  • BT Business Broadband
  • Onebilltellecom
  • Plusnet Business
  • Talk Talk Business
  • Toople
  • Virgin Media Business
  • Vondafone Business
  • XLN Business
  • O2
  • Three

They also carry cell phones like IPhone and galaxy phones. They have the same cell phone networks with the addition of a few others such as Tesco, Giff Gaff, ID, Lebara, Smarty, and voxi. Of course, they don’t have the business networks that were duplicated above.

$ Now for your tips (I have two tips for you)- 1). You can limit the number of people who use your WiFi in your settings. This will keep your speed from slowing down too much.

2). Make certain no one can guess your password so they can’t hack into your account.

Now we will talk about the next category of money.



Money Services

I bet you are wondering “How in the world can a category of money make sense?” Well let me explain, this website is all about ways to help you save, so in this category I want to show you more financial smart ways to save that money they have found for you.

Their goals are to lower the cost of moving, now everyone I know wants that and they will show you ways to do that. Even though this is for the UK, the tips can apply anywhere.

Another item is home improvement, this is mostly for getting loans for large projects needing to be done around your house in the UK. Again, this applies to the UK but the tips can be used anywhere.

Third, is about car buying. This is really about getting a car loan although it is titled “how to buy a car for less”. Again it is directed towards the UK but applies to everyone. They do have some valuable tips such as renting or leasing a car long term.

I had a neighbor when I was growing up who did this and they got a new car every 2 years.

Now the last category is about the importance of checking your credit score or profile. The article talks about the UK, but as we all know credit scores are used everywhere in all counties. So that makes them important everywhere!!

So what is a credit score used for, to let a lender know if you are a person worthy to lend money to. Your credit score is important because this will help lenders determine what kind of score to give you as pertains to the amount of money they will lend.

For instance, with a high score you can get a 0% interest. But in turn, when you have marks against your score it will of course be lower so your interest rate will in turn be higher.

$ Now for the tip– Have a look at your credit score BEFORE you go out to buy anything!!

Now for our last category of insurance.



Insurance Services

I was reading over all the different types of insurances they carry and they have them in three main groups

  • Motoring
  • Home and Business
  • Lifestyle

Some of the insurances in each of these groups I could understand. Like for instance, in the motoring group they had car insurance.

But what was hard for me to grasp, was the van insurance and the caravan insurance. To me these are similar!

I guess if people are willing to buy insurance, for things then they will sell it.


$ Final tipInsurance can help you face unexpected medical bills!!

Well now, let’s wrap this up by seeing what we have talked about today.



Let’s Sum It Up


  • Holiday Deals
  • Travel Extras


  • Solar Power
  • Smart Thermostat


  • Change WiFi setting
  • Keep password safe


  • Car leasing
  • Check credit score BEFORE you buy


  • Three main groups
  • Insurance helps with unexpected medical bills


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If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


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