Benefits of Working From Home


So you have decided to work from home. Here are some benefits you need to think about travel time, office space, employees’ benefits, and employer benefits. Benefits for the boss? Elaine, I never thought they would benefit from this. Yes, I will go into detail in each of these categories below when I talk about the benefits of working from home.

I read many articles and found some interesting facts about how people are trying to leave the mad house of the brick and mortar jobs and work from home. I will include these facts in this article where it is appropriate.

The first main benefit is your travel time. So let’s jump right into that and see all about it.



Commute Decrease

This should be of no surprise to anyone. Let’s say your normal drive to the office is about one hour one way. Well now it takes about 2 minutes, plus you can even stop at your favorite coffee bar and get your coffee, just the way you want it. Does this sound appealing? It really peaks my interest.
Not only have you shortened your commute time but how about saving on gas as well. Personally I love to save money whenever I can.

An interesting  fact I found is that 36% of people would rather work from home than take a raise in pay.

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Now we will discuss the benefits to the “office” space.



Office Space

What do I mean when I say there is a benefit to the office space? Well I’m so glad you asked me that so I can explain to you exactly what I mean.


First, your boss doesn’t need to rent a building that will hold 200 employees’ if most of those employees’ work at home. That means he can cut down or downsize on the building he is renting. Doesn’t that sounds appealing!!!  A smaller building usually costs less to rent than a large one. Okay, That makes sense to me.


Second, they won’t need as many office supplies in the building as they did before. Offices will usually buy in bulk or at least that is what I have seen them do. But with fewer employees’ they won’t need to stock up on pens, sticky notes, pencils, or anything like that. I remember in one place I worked they had an entire room with shelves of nothing but extra supplies if anyone needed them. Fewer employees’ means less needed office supplies. And that also goes for the break room food supplies as well.


And lastly, the meetings in person will probably decrease greatly. You may still have meetings you need to attend on the internet or by webcam but that will be a piece of cake. (Yum cake)


Now we will talk about the benefits directly to the employee. I know this is what you have been waiting for! So without futher adue let’s go.


The Employee Gets?

When the employee works from home they are much happier and more productive. Why is that? They are in their own familiar environment. Not that they don’t feel comfortable at work but there is just a certain comfort level a person has being in their own home. Okay, I get that they are more comfortable but productive?


Look at it this way, if you were comfortable how productive would you be? Oh, so those go together. Yes your comfort level many times will determine your productivity level.


There is another benefit to a happy employee, there turn-over rate is down. Have you ever heard of an employee who loves their job, quitting it? The one thing I have heard of, is that it builds trust and loyalty.


Something else is since the employee is not around a number of germs they are less likely to take sick days. Also, with the fact they constantly have breaks from the office, they may use less vacation days as well. There are so many benefits too- a happy employee.

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Now as I promised, the benefits for the boss. Yes there are benefits for them as well. Let’s check them out below.



Bosses benefit

Just like I have mentioned the benefits for the employee, the same can apply for the boss.


If an employee works from home this helps out the boss a lot!  The boss will see an increase in productivity from the employee as mentioned above. Remember what happens when you put someone in a comfortable place.


Remember we talked about the sick day usage and vacation day usage. This drops dramatically. Happy employee!!


How do we save the company money? Office space, office supplies, and break room snacks.


But this are just the benefits that are noticeable. How about the ones that you can’t see.


Well, let me tell you. The boss now has the ability to “hire” the best of the best because they don’t have to worry with whether they can get to the location or not. The only stipulation is if they have internet access.


Did you know that people who work from home are healthier? In other words, they live and eat better so they will have less stress in there lives. In fact, studies have shown 25% less stress.




So what have we talked about today? In this article I have given you the benefits of working from home. I have researched a number of different articles and pulled them all together into this one article for you.


I have written four main topics and then summarized each in this ending for you. They are as follows


Commute Decrease

  • Normal drive decreased to 2 min., stop at cafe for coffee just the way you like it.
  • 36% would rather work from home than take a raise.

Office Space

  • Downsize rented building
  • Don’t need as many supplies (offices or food)
  • Meetings are decreased greatly. Attended through internet or webcam.

Employee Get ?

  • Happy and Productive employee in familiar environment
  • Turn-over rate is down
  • Sick days and vacation days are down

Boss Benefit

  • Increase in productivity
  • Sick days and vacation days usage drops
  • Save company money
  • Can hire the best of the best without limits of location
  • People who work from home have 25% less stress


I hope you have found some helpful information. I have enjoyed researching this for you.


This can be a fun and exciting experience. Be sure to check out my blogs Tips for work from home .

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If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best,


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