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What will we discuss today

Advertisers and Publishers are always competing against each other. At least everywhere but at CJ. At Commission Junction they work very hard to treat both Advertisers and Publishers equally.

Today we are going to discuss how Advertiser and Publishers are the same but slightly different. Here are some ways that they are similar. In the reason 1. Why people join 2. The Network 3. The Great Features 4. Effect on Society and 5. What Makes Them Different.
Let’s look at why people will join as advertisers.


Why Do People Join

Let’s begin by looking at the reason why an Advertiser will join CJ Affiliate. This company is different and unique in many ways. They run or operate differently which helps them to have a
higher success rate than anyone else. Their pay rate for there performanced-based advertising will help companies to grow. As a result,retailers on the Internet Retailer Top 500 list are 2X more likely to choose CJ over any other affiliate marketing provider. In fact, Internet Retailer recently ranked CJ as the No. 1 affiliate marketing provider“by a long shot” in the 2013 edition of their Leading Vendors To The Top 1000 E-Retailers ranking. Now let’s take a look at the what is included
in the network.


Now let’s talk about why people choose to become publishers

First off, CJ will help publishers to promote their brand by advertising revenue. CJ has a great platform that will help you grow you existing affiliate website with their driven and proven results. You just hit the sign up button, fill out the form with your name, confirm your account.

Next let’s talk about the network that is included in each.


What’s In The Network   


For the Advertiser they have this wonderful toolbox
CJ has an affiliate team of experts to bring account setup and support plus any other needed services so the advertiser’s workload is reduced and therefore results are increased. They have a platform to create an affiliate programs that will make brand protection its priority. Their Network team which is using industry leading technology has hands-on experience to monitor your website traffic. CJ is the one of the few companies that monitor 100% of referring traffic so that everything runs fair across the board.

And for the publishers they have this:

With CJ Publishers can have a streamlined management activities and more creative content for your website. This is in hopes to bring a higher conversion rate and to monitor the results in real-time so you can see daily improvement.

Features Of The Program


Included in this program for the Advertisers is below;

  • Advertiser Toolbox- feature rich interface to help drive higher conversions
  • Viewthrough Tracking- CJ reporting suite for tracking core technology
  • Pay Per Call- connect advertisers with prospective customers on the phone
  • Site To Store- drive and track in store sales
  • Pay For Performance- affiliate is based largely on cost per action (CPA)
  • Lead Generation- help advertisers reach and connect with new customers


Now for the Publishers, let’s see what’s included. Now let’s focus on the features. They are similar yet differ from the advertisers.


They include the;

  • Publishers Toolbox- helps publishers create more dynamic website content through their many tools.
  • Deep Link Generator- helps streamline your workflow faster than ever.
  • Deep Link Automation- One line of JaveScript will connect to CJ advertising domain
  • Real-time Transaction Monitoring- In real-time you can set the parameters to track what you want to measure.
  • CJ Product Widgets- Widgets will help showcase your products.
  • ViewThrough Tracking- Allows publishers to earn commissions on sales they influence.

Finally, let’s talk about global solutions for the advertisers.



Solution For the Society    


As a global platform they will help to manage and report activity in many languages. CJ has tools and many different services so that you will be able to communicate with people worldwide.


Now we will take a look at solutions in the marketplace. These are solutions for the publishers.


I like the fact the CJ seems very inspired to always make sure advertisers and publishers were equal. Not everyone feels this way. They have a program that provides a tool that will help with exactly this. Publishers will post and promote inventory while advertisers will review, purchase, and track all in the same place. What a cool idea!

CJ’s is a program which allows advertisers and publisher a Cross-Device solution. This will show growth and productivity by joining those groups with each other to meet the needs of their audiences. By improving their performance that is occurring in numerous places and in multiple devices the customer will have a new experience. Now affiliate marketers can begin to better understand the influences they make on their customers.


Now we will discuss the main difference between the two.


What Makes Them Different


The main difference between advertisers and publishers is how and why they make money.

What I mean by this is that advertisers want to sell goods or leads.
Publishers are more concerned earning a commission by driving traffic.

Simply put, advertisers are more interested in growing their business, whereas publishers just want to make money.


Let’s look at ways advertisers can grow there business.  


They have a VIP program– which will put multiple content with your specific goals. This help the ads that are placed on your website be more relevant to the content.They have an App program– which is available for IPhone and android users. When this app is installed, awareness of the brand will be increased causing an increase in sales.Now we will look at how publishers are different. I already mentioned that they are more interested in the almighty dollar. But what are some ways that they make money. I have listed a few below.   

Vertical Management Services (VMS)

This is available for any publishers that don’t meet Content Certified Program
criteria. You have to meet certain content and business verticals but then this program will provide advertiser recruitment support and a monthly newsletter with
relevant advertiser updates.

For more info and to join one of our vertical groups, please send us an e-mail at pubdev@cj.com.


Product Widgets

Make the search easier for advertisers products because they are all in one place. You can create banners, store grids, or collages all in different sizes. One on the features is an easy drag and drop screen plus and reporting graph.


Deep Link Generator

Allows publishers to make their own deep links in seconds without even having to log in.

Deep Link Automation

Makes all CJ links that are joined by a single line of JaveScript and placed on a CJ Publisher’s website into a hyperlink.


In this article we discussed many things. We talked about how usually advertisers and publishers are very competitive. But at CJ they are treated as equals.

We looked at many of the ways that they are similar such as why people what to join, the network, the features of the company, and the solutions to society.

We also looked at the main way they differ. It was stated that advertisers want to sell products while publishers just want to make money.


If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All The Best,


Elaine Smith






  1. This is a great article that describes the relationship between publisher and Affiliate perfectly. I am a member of CJ Affiliates but don’t think I have made the best use of it yet. You have inspired me to use it more effectively.
    I hadnt really thought about the balance between the two parties before.
    Thank you

    • I’m still learning all the ins and outs of this program but from what I’ve seen I thoroughly enjoy the program.

      I know I’m not putting it to full use yet but plan to in the very near future.

      I’m glad you found value in this information. When I started writing the review their was so much information on just Advertisers and Publishers that I decided to complete an article on the comparison of them.

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