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Thank for coming to my site and let me enlighten you on this new program that I have found that is VERY beneficial.



Let me give you some back story about my life and how I got into this business.
I was married for 11 years and have two great children. Here’s my timeline:We lived in Fort Worth, Texas then moved to Mangum, Oklahoma. Then to Newport, Arkansas and back to Fort Wort, Texas. Before my daughter was born I did work full-time as a Speech Therapist in the Fort Worth schools but when the she were born I didn’t want to work away from home much because I wanted to be able to devote my time to her. My daughter is the apple of  her father’s eye.

We moved to Mangum, Oklahoma were my son was born. We lived there for 3 years. My son loved his sister and in turn his sister loved him. They both loved their parents and we were a happy little family.

In 1990 we moved to Burnet, Texas and lived there for a 8 years. My kids were very active in extracurricular sport activities in the small town. I worked with the mentally challenged adults and thoroughly loved this job. This job had great hours being that it was only Monday-Friday and lasted during the time the kids were in school. So I had the weekends to attend and coach soccer, which is the sport both my kids were in at the time. Then all the sudden my husband announced we were moving back to Fort Worth, Texas.

In 1998 we moved back to Fort Worth, Texas which we enjoyed after the shock of having to move wore off. We had family living there so my kids could see and grow up with and around their grandparents. In the end it turned out to be a very good move!!





Suddenly everything changes!!! I get divorced and I now must enter the working world to support my two kids. I’m thankful I have my teaching degree so I can work as a speech therapist/special needs teacher. But now, I never get to see my kids and my money goes into someone else’s pocket. Oh, we have weekends together if I’m not busy with lesson plans. There has to be another way.

I decide to make a change for my family which I thought would be better. I have my medical degree so I’m working as a medical assistant at a local hospital. More changes!!!

This lasted until 2011 when I have to go on disability for medical reasons. Now I have to sell the house because I can’t afford to repair it. We all move into different apartments. More changes!!!

I check into some online business but I get scammed.  Bummer:(






I have medical issues so I must go on disability. This doesn’t give me enough income so I again look several times into online business but I get scammed every time. Bummer:(   You would think I would have learned from last time but I am very hard headed and stubborn. The money I do get just barely gets me by month to month. So I had to find something online that:

  • was a sure thing
  • no down payment EVER
  • was a sure thing
  • made $$ (not lots)
  • nothing upfront
  • made sense to me
  • was easy for me

I took my list to the computer and this is my result! Wealthy Affiliate.






Present day

I have found a program that is wonderful. They don’t ask for any money upfront and give you so much training. I have been pleasantly surprised at how much training you receive. When this company tells you “you will get help 24/7 from the community or the director himself” they really do mean that!! They even take people who have little to no knowledge about computers and explains every detail from website building, SEO, Marketing and e-mailing so you will understand. They have a community that works with you so you are NEVER alone. This company is just so great!! They have members in the community that even write training along with the multitude you get. I mean there is an affiliate boot camp that has 10 lessons plus a certification class that has another 10 lessons. These are all in the free starter level!! Can you believe that, because I can’t. It’s almost too good to be true.

This program isn’t just written once and it is done, they are constantly updating and reviewing the program.

How many programs do you know that you can speak to the guys that run it on a regular basis. (not many and I know from experience).

I don’t mean you get a canned response from their office but a genuine response from them personally. That means a lot to me!!



I think others are just as interested in a surefire thing as I am. I don’t want people to go thru all the trials and errors or scams that I thru.


I was VERY pleased with how helpful the community was and still is. They have restored my faith in online business, or at least this one.




What is your goal? This is a question that I can answer quite simply. I want to provide you with information that is clear and concise so you can make your own wise decision. I know you are probably thinking many people say that but I MEAN it. How do I mean it? One of the thing I have learned is how important TRUST is. When I say “feel free to leave your comments below and I will be more than HAPPY to help you out.” you can bet I will follow though. I give you my word which may not be much to some people now days but is VERY important to me!!


If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the best

Elaine Smith




    • Hey Mike
      Yes you are the first to respond but I hope not the only. Please tell anybody you know, I would like to have as much feedback as possible.

      tried and true

  1. Wow Elaine your site is awesome. Wish I had some good advice but you are way ahead of me. I will be happy when my site is completed like yours

    Keep up the great work !!!

    • Thanks for the kind words. Keep up the great work within this outstanding program and you will succeed at what ever you want.

      Tried and true


  2. Hi Elain,
    That’s a great post about yourself and the faith you have found in online business. The truth about it is clear and simple. They are a great community that help each other to succeed.Thanks for sharing

    • Thank you for your comment. I feel I have finally found some place I can truly belong while I am blessing others. During that time of sharing they are also blessing me.

      Tried and true


  3. Elaine, as another member of Wealthy Affiliate University – for over 3 years now, I totally agree with you. This is the absolute best affiliate training program anywhere. You will not find anything this good anywhere else in the world. The training is state-of-the-art (and stays that way – keeping up with the changing online world). The community is the most helpful and unselfish I have ever been involved with. The hosting platform is awesome and has numerous benefits for hosting all your sites here. The site support is very responsive and always there for you.

    • Hi Shirley
      Thanks for the comments. I enjoy working with Wealthy Affiliate so much because of all the fabulous training you receive through them. I agree with you on all the points you mentioned about the hosting and site support. You got it they are as you stated, state-of-the-art. I enjoy the fact they they will accept anyone, even a beginner with no computer knowledge. But by the time you have completed the course you have are no longer fearful around a computer.
      Again thank you so much for your comments.


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