6 Points Of Info Link

Company Name- Info Link

  • Company Name: Info Link
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business: since 2007
  • Product Effectiveness: ad campaign
  • Support: very well
  • Price: sign up is free
  • My overall Ranking: 8 out of 10


What Are They All About


Info Link is a marketing ad company that has a unique platform that provides advertising worldwide. They are sometimes referred to as a one stop shop because they carry so many different tools to complete your ad campaign.
But today, Info Link is one of the third largest publisher marketplace in the world because it pays publishers close to $100 million. That will generate income for over 100,000 direct website publishers and bloggers for all sizes in over 128 countries.
Your success is there most important concern. Although digital media companies may come and go, InfoLinks has been around since 2007. They work hard so they can bring about their promise to the publisher and advertisers. You can join the Info Links experience and work with them to attain your goals.

So what kind of products do they carry?


What Products Do they Carry 


Listed below is a brief list of the product that they carry. I will go into detail below that list.

  • InArticle
  • InTag
  • InFold
  • InFrame
  • InText

First you have the InArticle. This is simply where you will place an ad in between the words of your text that will cause your reader to stay or interact with your content. This ad is usually content related and will come in many different forms from just a still ad to a moving video. Anything to increase activity and sales.

Next, you have the InTag. This will help you make money from your site by putting a keyword rich line into your ad so that it will blend into the content seamlessly.
Now the ad will show up only when the visitor hovers over the keyword that you have highlighted. This is why alt tags are so important in this platform.

Next, you have the InFold. This is a neat little ad that will be displayed at the bottom of your screen. It is a very relevant ad according to your post and will bring in up to 30 times the power of other ad that are displays.

Next, you have the InFrame. These are ads that will appear along the sides of your article! How cool is that!! This is space that is often forgot about or unused. You will see these most often on food sites.

The last one, is InText. These work very similar to the InTag ads except that these are keywords that are highlighted WITHIN your text. (hence the name).

When your customer or reader will hover over the linked keyword a relevant ad will pop up. This relevant ad is highly effective to help increase your sales.

All these products will assist you in being more productive with your website. Before, Info Links many people were just placing random ads on there websites. But with the help of Info Links they have seen a vast improvement because the ads are more relevant and strategically placed.

So what kind of career choices do you have with Info Links? Well read on to find out.



What Are Your Career Choices


Info Link is always on the hunt for new people to join their team. So what are they looking for? Well let me tell you, they are looking for people a team player, creative and self-motivated. And in return Info Links they provide growth through professional classes, great benefits, and awesome co-workers.

Like I said earlier Info Link is technologically advanced for the times They have readily available services that will help you to make money on your websites. With more than 100,000 websites in the country, they work with both advertisers and publishers so they will have an edge over everyone else.

As a publisher you will have a steady income by simply pasting the code to your website and then getting paid for people purchasing products that are relevant to your posts. It is free to sign up so what do you have to lose!!

Now as an advertiser, you have smart ads that will increase your traffic with a 90% view ability rate. There are more than 1 billion users worldwide which will makes them the 3rd largest publisher marketplace.

Now we will talk about how you can contact them.



How Can You Contact Them


The way to contact them is to go on the website and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on the heading that says “Contact Us” and then fill out a submit ticket similar to the one I have included here.


Of course, before you submit your ticket you should read the FAQ because they may have the answer to your question in their. If not, go ahead and submit you ticket.
They will then get back to you with a response!! As simple as that!!


So now let’s talk about how they support you.


Do They Support You


You can contact them in a few ways: either by USPO mail, phone, or email. I will give you all the ways below.

Address:505 Hamilton Ave., Suite 210                   email:support@infolinks.com
Palo Alto, CA 94301                                                       phone:(212) 201-7481



What Is Their Overall Price     


Like I said earlier they are free to join!!! so why not take advantage of following these quick and easy steps to Join Infolinks now.
Info Links also has a referral program that is awesome. It is also free if charge so when you refer a friend not only do they receive all these amazing products also but you will get 10% as well.

If you have a minute then you can sign up to referral program. You won’t even need to copy or embed code on your website to start referring.
For more information about the program please see our Referral Program page here.


Let’s Sum It All Up


What Are They All About

  • Began in 2007
  • Success is there most important concern

What Products Do They Carry

  • 5 main products
  • Relevant and strategically place

What Are Your Career Choices

  • Professional growth
  • Advertisers and publishers

How Can You Contact Them

  • Click on “Contact Us”
  • Read the FAQ

What Is Their Overall Price

  • Free to join
  • Referral program



If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


Elaine Smith



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