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Company Name- ShareASale

  • Company Name:ShareASale
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business: 2000
  • Product Effectiveness: affiliate marketing network
  • Support: very active
  • Price: free
  • My overall Ranking: 8×10



#1 What Are They All About

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing network that was begun by Brian Littleton back in 2000. So this isn’t a new company but an old company that is advanced in technology. There Motto is: Look Sharp, Feel Sharp, Be Sharp!

ShareASale wants to give you the best product or service they can. They will back this up with phone calls from their wonderful customer service team who will give you real solutions.

With more than 2500+ merchant who are promoting products for them, the merchants have bloggers that are paid to write reviews about products for them.
But also their are affiliates who will write blogs and promote the merchants’ products. In this way the affiliate will earn a commission.
Now we will talk about why you need to sign up.


#2 Why Sign Up

First off it is free to sign up so what are you waiting for? You can choose to either sign up as an affiliate or a merchant. You probably what to know the difference. Well I will tell you. At least I will try.

An affiliate is someone who joins ShareASale then picks a product to promote on their website. All affiliates are screened before they are approved to join ShareASale.

The other choice you have is to become a merchant. A merchant is someone who buys or sell products for profit and they usually will have an affiliate working with them. The great thing about being a merchant is that you only pay when it works!

Which ever way you decide to sign up, the program is very beneficial. Now we will talk about how they work, so keep reading!!


What’s The Price

Like I said earlier, it is free for affiliates to join, all they have
to do is fill out the form that is linked here


Here is the tricky part, for merchants there is a $550 one-time Network Access Fee, then $100 minimum deposit, giving a $650 total to get started. Now that part I understand. Now this is where they start losing me so hold on and I will explain it the best way I know how. From everything, I read there is a 3-month period or 120 days after you first sign up where you are not charged a monthly fee. This is giving you time to build up your following or affiliate groups. After that, time you will be charged $25 per month unless your affiliates can make sales during that time frame. For example, if an affiliate sales $50 then the merchant will earn 10% commission, the affiliate will earn $5, and ShareASale will get $1 transaction Fee. This means that for that month instead of paying $25 the merchant would only have to pay $6. I hope that make sense!


Thanks to the fees that are charged, ShareASale is now a major player in the affiliate network game!!


Now we will discuss how they work, the ins and outs.


#3 How Do They Work

If you sign up as an affiliate it is pretty self-explanatory from here, you will just follow the prompts. They will explain how to paste the ads on your website and everything.

Now if you decide to become a merchant, then there are a few more things I will tell you about. First off, they (the website) tell you about the merchant services.
Now let me tell you about some neat features that come with the package. You will be getting over 15 tools but there are a few that I think are really cool!!

One, is the real-time tracking that will be available. This will let you know as soon as a person click on one of your perfectly placed ads all the way to the time of sale.

Another cool tool I want to mention, is the 10 point check list. This little handy dandy tool will help keep everything neat, orderly, and in tip, top shape. Their welcome kit which is a tool to help you get start started and then a fresher course anytime you need it.

The last one, are the training webinars which are available on a monthly basis and sometimes more often when it is appropriate.
Now let’s jump into the stuff and find out if the payment is really worth it? This is a question that I have found many people will ask, I guess great minds like alike!! So let’s find out!!


#4 Is The Payment Worth It

I read a number of reviews and did a lot of research to help answer this. Much of what I found I agree with, someone was saying that the reason the initial startup was expensive in their eyes was to weed out the low level products. ShareASale basically only deals with medium to high quality products. That I agree with!!

In another review, a comment was made that they didn’t feel that ShareASale price was high when you compared them to others such as AvantLink, CJ, and Linkshare.

This is really linked to the category just below titled Why Are They Good. Because if you were to ask me, I wouldn’t be willing to pay for a program that wasn’t good. So let’s just peek at why I feel they are so good.


#5 Why Are They Good

The question has been raised as to why ShareASale is good? Well, let me count the ways..as the saying goes. I will list a few below

  • They can be trusted to keep their word.
  • They have so many tools that are available.
  • They are professional with all their business principals.
  • They have customizable ad placement.
  • They are honest and forthcoming with payments
  • Their website is blog friendly.
  • Their customer support team is very helpful
  • The website is very easy to navigate.

So as you can see, there are plenty of other programs such as Clickbank, CJ, or AvantLink that you could join but the above list are a few reasons why I feel ShareASale is a better choice!!

Now I will sum up what we have talked about in this article below.



Here’s the summary chart or what we talked about

What Are They

  • Brian Littleton in 2000
  • Have merchant and affiliate in their program

Why Sign Up

  • Free for affiliate
  • Merchants pay one-time set-up fee of $550

How Do They Work

  • Affiliate just simply paste ads on their website
  • Merchants have the responsibility of selecting the commission form for an affiliate

Is The Payment Worth It

  • Price is somewhat high
  • Helps weed out low level product

Why Are They Good

  • Trusted
  • Professional
  • Honest




If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


Elaine Smith



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