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Company Name-Overview & Ranking

  • Company Name: One Opinion 
  • Website URL:
  • Years In Business: since 2011
  • Product Effectiveness: GPT
  • Support: Very Good
  • Price: Free
  • My overall Ranking: 8 out of 10

The Start

Began by Hugh Davis and Keith Price in 2011 who had a simple vision of creating a survey site that members could trust.

Many believe that at OneOpinion that the only thing the really matters is your thoughts. At the company the members are free to share their thought and experiences on all sorts of products and services that they encounter.

OneOpinion does conduct surveys with other leading market research companies. When they do this the members have the benefit to sign up so they can enjoy taking surveys. Plus they will be earing points to trade in for many different types of rewards. Surveys are a fun way to earn but they aren’t the only way to earn with this company. I will go into detail in the next section about the exact way you can earn with them. But I will give you a brief list of the different ways here.

  • Online surveys
  • Mobile surveys
  • Teen surveys
  • Product testing

Now we will go into detail about each way to earn money. So let’s jump in.

How You Can Earn

Like I stated before there are 4 ways to earn, well really only 2 ways to earn but the surveys are in 3 different categories. You can either fill out surveys or you can do product testing. Of you can always be ambitious and do both.

Since you only have to be 13 to take survey this is perfect for teens to earn extra spending money!

OneOpinion surveys are interesting and a fun way to help change the world. When you join the panel, you are then a member of a community who changes the world while they can earn great rewards like gift cards from Amazon and Visa. Or you can always just choose the option to have the money deposited in your PayPal account.


There are many advantages to being a member of OneOpinion. For instance, you will be allowed to test see and test products that are not even on the market yet. Why would you get to do that Elaine? Because the company will be asking you for you to fill out surveys and sometimes you will even get paid to try out the product before it got on the market. How cool is that!!!

Success Of The Company

You can join OneOpinion as young as 13 if you reside in the U.S., Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, or the U.K. which makes this a pretty diverse population.

But when you look at the success rate of the number of surveys tried vs. the number of surveys qualified for, then the success rate is very high. According to a study I read, the 2nd highest out of 12 sites that were tested at 46.4%.

My personal experience was very similar, except I didn’t have as many data. I was disqualified for some surveys but it was mainly either because they were full or had meet there quota for my age/nationality. I still seem to get some points for at least trying which I felt was only far and very considerate.


If you look on the website, OneOpinion says they will give you great support. Well a lot of companies will state that on their website so how do you know if it is true.

Another comment I found is that the support appears to be the best because they have a support team ready and willing to answer your needs 24/7
One of the ways I check is by reading customer reviews.



March 29, 2018 by Catherine

from United States


I’ve been a part of their panel since 2017 and they never did me
wrong. Their costumer service is so amazing. They respond back in a
couple of hours or the next day. They make sure to help you out as much
as possible. I have gotten so many great connections & opportunities
from this site. One of my favorites and always will be!
“First time”


January 07, 2018 by Kierci

from United States


This was the first survey company I tried. Since then, I have redeemed
my points for a $25.00 virtual visa card with no problem on an average
of one per month. Only once did I request it in the mail, and it arrived
within 2 weeks. Customer service has been excellent.
“One of the best top sites of 2018”


February 27, 2018 by Andrea

from United States


Get paid real PayPal cash! Their technical support is prompt.
Responds to your issues in real time. Cash out when you reach $25.00.
Usually 3_5 days. You don’t have to wait 8_12 weeks for $5.00.


Another comment worth noting is that not only are they available 24/7 but you can also reach them by calling customer service or filling out a contact form online. When you call in you will be connected with a representative who will answer all your question. Here is the number to get a hold of them.

Call us at (800) 651-8794. We are available anytime you need us.

Like I stated before, anyone who lives in the U. S, Germany, Italy, France, the Netherlands, Australia, Canada, and U.K. who is 13 and or older are eligible to join. You may have multiple members from the same house.


First they are free to join. You will simple go to their website which I provided above but will do it again down here


One note, when you have 25,000 points you (1,000 points=$1) you can begin cashing out toward prizes both physical/virtual gift cards. That is your physical will come in the mail and you will receive a code so you can use the virtual gift cards.
You can expect to earn about $1 for about every 10 min. of survey work you spend. So the more time you spend, the more money you will make.


Here in a summary of what we talk about in this article.

The Start

  • Began by Keith Price and Hugh Davis
  • Fun way to earn

How Can You Earn

  • 2 ways to earn
  • 13 can join


  • Test products
  • Fill out surveys

Success Of The Company

  • 46.4%
  • Personal experience


  • Amazing
  • 24/7


  • Free to join
  • Gift cards




If you have any questions or need any help, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help out.


Elaine Smith



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