4 Steps For Blogging


In this article I will be talking about the process or structure of a blog post. This is something that I, personally do every day at least once if not more times than that. Sometimes I do this without even thinking I have done it some any times.

Have you ever done something, and this could be anything, enough that you can almost do it with your eyes shut. Well maybe not with eyes shut but you know what I mean.

In this article we will look in detail at how to start a blog, Your writing, how to make it pretty, and the last phase how to finish strong. I will be giving you directions for the platform here at Wealthy Affiliate.

How To Start    

So how do you start a blog? Well the first thing is to have an idea, an experience you have had. Your experience can be anything you want it to be.

There are some basic rules for blogging and you will need to be familiar with those. For instance, when you are in a general community you will need to leave your personal political and religious views out of your blog simply because a group will come from many different backgrounds.

So to start your blog, at Wealthy Affiliate all you need to do is click the pen icon. That will bring up a drop down menu box that will have four choices. The second choice will state “write a new blog”.

Another way to do this, is to click your profile picture which is on the far right corner next to your rank. When you click that, a drop down box stating “my profile” will appear. Click on “my profile” which is your first choice and that will bring up your profile page. Scroll about halfway down and on the right-hand side of your profile page you will see another button that states “new post”. Press that button and that will open the blog post platform.

Now we will discuss what is included in the blog content itself.


Now we are to the fun part. Well some think it’s the fun part, this is the main body of your blog.

As I have already stated you can discuss almost anything. I like to take a keyword from Jaaxy. Oh I haven’t told you how Jaxxy works, silly me.

I have written about it in another article but let me give you a run down here.

When you are in the back office of Wealthy Affiliate and look to the left you will see a number of buttons on the activity dashboard. Just count down five buttons to the dark blue button it will say “Jaaxy Keyword & Niche Research”.

When you click on this button you will find Jaaxy here. This didn’t use to be part of Wealthy Affiliate but now it is so take advantage of it.
When you are finished writing your blog you want to sign it. This is something I usually always remember to do. Just a personal note, it helps other members if you will sign your blogs with your name so that they may respond with a comment. One thing at Wealthy Affiliate that I like is that people will give comments freely. Some members wonder why no one is ever commenting on there blogs and it might, and this is just my opinion, that they aren’t signing there name to there blog or making it personal. I know it is hard for me to respond to a blog when I really don’t know who I’m responding to. Just a thought.

Oh, and be sure you include a catchy title to begin with. A catchy title will get the reader right from the very beginning. And after all, isn’t that what we all want.

Now we will talk about how we are going to make it pretty so your reader will stay longer. We don’t want a high bounce rate, so I will show you how to create a pretty blog.

Make It Pretty

First thing we want to do after we have written all our content is check the spelling. No one

likes to read anything that will have a bunch of spelling errors. Now for all you new people out there this blog platform that Wealthy Affiliate has now has only been in place since March 2018. March 9, 2018 to be exact. Before then, I personally had to get someone to proofread my work and check the spelling. But now all you have to do the click the ABC button which is located at the top. The button will check the spelling, the grammar, and the sentence structure.


Another beautification step is to add a cover image. If you go to the blank area that is below your title bar then you will find where your cover image is to be inserted. You will also see a big button that says “Add cover image”. If you push that button another screen will automatically pop up. You will just type in a word that sums up your article or the type of picture you would like. Then a bunch of opinions to choose from will appear. You select the picture you like, hoover your mouse over if and the word “choose” will appear. Click on the word “choose” and wala like magic. Your picture is now on the cover, you may need to adjust it to fit but it is now there.

Now we will talk about the final housekeeping tasks.

Final Housekeeping       

This is where you will want to add some tags. You need to add at least two tags to your blog and these can be anything that is related to it.

The next to the last step, drum roll….would be to check the alignment. This can be done by highlighting all the text then going to the very top of your blog post is the control buttons. The 8th button from the left or the button with all the lines, one long line, below a short line, below a long line, and so forth. You will press the button and four different choices of alignments will pop up. You simply pick the one you want and that is done for you.

Bring It Home

I bet you thought you would never get to this stage. Well you did!!! You have written a great blog!! Look at all you have done.

You came up with an idea, you wrote about it, you have added a cover picture, added tags, checked the spelling so I think there is only one thing left to do.

PUBLISH IT!!!!         





If you have any questions or need a hand, feel free to leave a comment below and I will be more than happy to help you out.


All the Best,


Elaine Smith




  1. Thanks for the useful tips. I do quite a lot of blogging and I found this very informative.

    I like the way you narrowed it down in to 4 easy steps.

    Do you have any tips to come up with blog ideas?

    Thanks again and good luck with your site.

    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my site.

      First let me address your question, you come up with ideas from past experiences, from searches on Google and Jaaxy, or just from finding trending items on the internet.

      I hope this helps answer your question. Again thank you for commenting.


    • Hi Tom,

      Thanks for reading and commenting on my article.

      Let me address your question first, ideas can come from any past experience you may have had. Or simply a concept you may think of. You can search Google, Jaaxy or just look on the internet for ideas that are trending.

      Thanks again for helping me out on the give/take platform with a comment.

  2. Hi Elaine, I think it’s a great idea to blog about an experience that you have had. It gives things a more personal touch. I agree that all blog posts need a catchy little title. We all want to click on things that are interesting after all!! Make it Pretty – yes please!! I usually like to see an image every 150-200 posts and one YouTube video wherever possible as well. All these little touches really add up and helps make the user experience so much better.
    Thanks for writing this great post.

    • Hi,
      Blogging is something I love to do and I was hoping people would enjoy it if I added some personal touches. I enjoy and also think it is so very important to make it pretty so you will keep the reader attention longer. After all, I get tired if I have to read a blog that has a bunch of words and nothing to look at to keep my interest.
      I agree with you, but I may tend to go overboard with the imagery since I’m use to writing for children.
      Again thanks for commenting.


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